What is the [B]legal[/B] difference between “collusion” and “setting and keeping a market standard through discussion with competitors?”


I am going to look forward to this topic tomorrow afternoon/evening.
(I just wished I had used better grammar!)


I don’t want to be forced or coeerced into setting a particular price. I take great pride in being able to set my own pricing for the particular situation and customer and the intricacies of the job.

I fear if there was a standard price the price would be too low, as many window cleaners set their price ridiculously low.


That is what I thought most of you meant as well.

Minimum price, I also tire of being told well, now the last guy only charged me $10 to do those 20 windows inside and out!

I costs me more in gas just to get there sometimes, than what the last guy charged. Just a point.


I undestand what you mean, and your frustration with the lowballers out there.

There is a differene between a forced or strongly suggested price, than pricing education

I’m all for educating new ones, and lowballers