Coldest Weather You Do Exterior Residential Windows


Dang, it was in the 80s here in Orlando today.


So glad it’s not single tempts this morning.



I cleaned two bank entryway doors at 0 F. I had the squeegee moving real fast.


As we get older, below 30 feels so freaking cold. LOL. Coldest day I have worked with the wind chill it felt like 11 degrees.

I would rather work in the cold any day over working in the August Louisiana heat. I really work part time (I think 10 working days) that month. One day this August I had heat exhaustion. Scared the hell out of me.


I remember those days, good weather all the time. I lived in Jacksonville, and panama city as a kid. I like 4 seasons of weather though.


Ya right with ya Chad. I’ll take 30s over Hazy Hot , An Humid any day of the week.

It’s funny how our busiest days are in the hot sun, we love the money , but if it was cool out we could prob make more. The heat slows ya down !! An takes a toll on you.


I hate you guys, for jinxing me.

Sure as shit, I was out in the snow, WFPing in 31 degrees today.


I’ll be wading through a foot of snow dragging around my hoses tomorrow to finish a WC job that got rained out.