Coldest Weather You Do Exterior Residential Windows


I’m going to do a job today but the high is only 31 degrees. I plan on starting on the inside and moving to the outside.

Do you clean when it’s below freezing? I’ll be using a WFP and squeegee. Assuming it’s not cold enough for the water to freeze but I’m not sure what to expect.


You learn different techniques, keep the flow going because by stopping will cause frozen lines and jets.

Areas with metal fittings freeze quick.

29 degrees yesterday using wfp. 25 is low as we really attempt without warm water.

Traditional we do down to -10 as needed. Again squeegee in that weather is a different technique too.


Yes, you learn different techniques. Also depends on the house. Are the windows single pane or double? Is it windy? Is the sun out? You can also put some alcohol in your water tank if you use one.


23° F is about as low as I’ve gone with heated wfp.


24 F with traditional is as low as I’ve gone for residential. There is minimal/no demand for residential WC once winter hits .

I’ve never used heated Wfp so no comment on that other than I would be reluctant to put heated water on glass. If there is a preexisting crack in the glass the sudden temperature shift can cause it to lengthen and I would get blamed.

Yes, a careful observation of preexisting cracks should be performed but I am not comfortable with the risk of missing something.


I get to a point where it’s just not worth it to me below 30


Boy it has been a while since I have posted.

I TRY not to work below 25 degrees.

But…Unfortunately with deadlines on some construction clean ups I have worked on days that were in single digits. Absolutely horrible to do but if you have to do it find the highest % rubbing alcohol at the store and a little bit of dawn. It doesn’t really freeze but it also won’t be optimal results because it is like squeegeeing syrup off of the windows it is so thick!

I just packed up my WFP for the season because we are getting to freezing temps and I hate unloading it every night so it doesn’t freeze up and ruin the filters.


25 degrees is a hard limit for us.

25-35 we never let the water stop flowing.

Usually, once its on the glass the radiant heat from the windows makes in a non-problem.

Wind and wind chill plays a major factor as well

We are now booking out well after Thanksgiving. We tell the clients that future bookings are ENTIRELY weather dependent, ESPECIALLY this year (the weather has been a shitshow on the East Coast).

Once I start waking up to highs of 25-30, we pull the plug until March.


I’ve never used my wfp below 30 that I can recall. I do have a heat setup that’s not set up :slight_smile:
As far as trad, I played hero once for a builder and finished a house after a heavy snow, in the dark, single digits. That was long ago. Now I’d still probably do 20’s, but it would have to be for a real good customer.
Storefront, I’ll do no matter what-ish.




Give you credit… you all are die hards with those WFP’s.

20’s and 30’s… thats dedicated.


So helpful guys. I did the inside today and a few outside with my squeegee.

Going back tomorrow to WFP the rest.

Always appreciate all the input from the people on this forum - truly AMAZING


Here in Las Vegas anything under 75 and sunny calls for road closer and my helpers aren’t able to walk without 5 layers of thermal gear. :sunglasses:


Back in the day when I was a budding cleaner, the guy I worked for would get methanol by the 5 gallon jugs from the local drag strip and add it to the water. IIRC it would protect it down to about 25f.

That practice is long gone, so we just added some ‘blue stuff’ windshield fluid and called it good. I’m at the point now I can choose when/where/how I do windows so anything below 40f is my cutoff.

On a side note, I find water starts acting funny as it gets colder, smears and lack of evaporation. To protect my customers I just tell them it won’t look good below that.


Working in this right now, Trad, as long as the wind doesnt pick up ill be ok. :fearful:


One point to remember if you use a RO system and you are hooking up to the customers water and not using a tank based system with pure water. The velocity of cold water is different so you fill not get your normal flow rate.


The coldest day I ever slung a squeegee on was 18 degrees with a stiff wind, working next to you homie!


That’s exactly what I’ll be doing so thank you for pointing that out. Supposed to be around 34 when I’m working so hopefully that will be okay


I remember that day fondly!


I’ve definitely worked in single digits , but it was for route work. 3-4 years back we had a year where every week was single digits. one of the coldest winters by far. I’m sure you remember, I think we had back to back years like that.
We can get away with skipping a week maybe even 2 , but when that 3rd week comes around , an no one has seen a window cleaner …ya have to get out there.

So with that said May the good lord keep us away from a year like that :pray::pray: