Cold Temps and Cracked Windows


Has anyone with large store front routes noticed cracked windows lately? Anyone who has been having very cold weather? We have had subzero in NH for a couple of weeks now. Check this out.

Once the window is exposed to cold temperatures, the extra stress can crack the window. This type of crack usually forms from the outer edge and stretches into the center of the glass. Because your window can break in extreme cold weather, it is very important to have any damaged windows replaced as soon as possible.

I had one woman call me up after I left blaming me for cracking her window. She said she seen me hit the window with my tool on camera. I told her the window was cracked before I got there. Now I tell everyone when I discover a cracked window and I do not touch it.



We dont clean broken windows


That is going to be my policy from now on.



Yep, exactly right. I treat them as if no window even exists there and pass it by.