Coincidences with same name customers


So this happens to me all the time, I get a call from a customer whos name is a random name then the same day receive 2 more calls from a person who has the same name ( given name obviously), I normally assume its the same person I spoke to earlier that day however, they book a different address. They are real customers, I wonder if anyone else experiences these coincidences, or is it just me?


not often had one several weeks ago. messed me up a little


I have two ladies with same last name with the same first name. Live about a mile apart, are roughly the same age, have daughters with the same name, and have never met. Two years in a row the have either been scheduled the same day or a day apart.

We have a bunch of Palmer 's, with different types of dogs with the same name Divot. Weird


I have like 10 clients name Leslie , really weird . I have to differentiate them on my phone by street and city


Sounds like some twilight zone stuff


not with names but it seems we get calls from the same parts of town together