Closing up Shop


Hello community!

I have just decided to close up show…for now.

First, I’d like to thank every one. I had 2 years of amazing part time success and I absoultely give major credit to Chris and this forum and every one of you that gave me your time to help and criticize. You guys gave me the knowledge and motivation to keep grinding and to know my trade at a professional level. I am absoultely prepared to come back to it with 100% confidence. So again, thank you.

I will still visit the forum as I’d like to keep informed over the next year or two.

The grind continues in a different direction. If it works out, I won’t be back. If it doesn’t, I’ll be back 100%.

Awesome people in here. It was such a pleasure.





Good luck Brother !


Ty :slight_smile:


You’ll be missed.

Best of luck and remember this industry is easy to come back to if needed.



Thanks for the words Jeff. Just finished up my last job.

Take care and see you around


Best of luck to you in whatever you endeavor.


Oh man. Sad to see ya good! Hope it works or for you!!


Enjoy your break from window cleaning, however long that is.


Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Thanks guys! It’s been great. See you in the future


Am I allowed to ask what you’re moving on to?

best of luck!


I heard he was going to start touring with the Chippendales. I am not sure if this is true.


Lol @windowsrx if I didn’t have flab abs, I’d be shaking my stuff all over :wink:

@Frozone thanks brother. I don’t mind at all. I’m taking a year to try something completely different than labour work. I actually don’t expect any money coming from this for a very long time. It’s more of an experiment and to just try before it’s too late. My fiance and I are starting a YouTube channel/game streaming channel with the kids in early 2019. I also want to play in tournaments to try and win some cash. I just need to dedicate the time like I did back when I was pro before. I’m a lot older now so i know I won’t be as good but if I can make a decent income, id much rather do what I enjoy a lot. So I am taking the year to dedicate it to learning the ropes and see if we can get followers. Honestly, if it doesn’t work out, itll be an incredible year of fun family times together and I can come back to window cleaning. But, I need to try stuff I always wanted to do or I’ll never be happy personally.

So before quiting my good full time job, I can attempt this with out sacraficing much. I wouldn’t be able to handle the stress of starting window cleaning full time next year plus all this stuff so I decided to stick with my full time yet another year or 2. See how it goes.

I kept my restaurants to clean though. I wasn’t going to but I had a discussion with them and I am changing the cleaning days from Wednesday/Thursday 5am to Saturdays only. Less stress and only about 4 hours of work extra a week, compared to my 7 days, 70 hours.

But ya, sounds crazy and it isn’t easy to accomplish but what’s another year or two to try. This will also give me a lot of time to work on myself. Mentally and physically.

If any one is interested, the family channel will be called “The Family Gaming Show” which will have more than just gaming but if you have kids and they are like mine…itll be entertaining for them!

I have accounts made but no videos yet.
Instagram will be @thefamilygamingshow (couple cute photos up)
Twitter: @TFGSonTwitch
Plus twitch accounts and YouTube.
I will also have my own which now is i0lio (with a zero) on instagram but i may have a different name later.


My kids will be all over that.

It’s crazy the audience those get.


The audience capabilities are INSANE! BUT so is the competition. A lot of these guys are established and it’s only harder nowadays with more requirements. Kids seriously love this stuff and my family is born for it lol. My fiance is as much a gamer as me and my daughters personality is super fun. My son has always wanted to try(of course…what kid doesn’t nowadays)

It needs to be treated like a full time job and that’s why I can’t do both. But maybe once established and if I can bring in even a couple grand a month from it, I’d be happy to clean windows and install showers as well! But I need to take it day to day. I get too excited about things.

@jhans Jeff, we would love your families support :slight_smile:

we would love for every one to help us get going if you can!


@GlassMD Glad I could make you laugh. Keep us posted on everything. I am sure you will do really well.


A good laugh indeed :slight_smile: thanks a lot brotha!


I met a pro gamer and learned you all get drug tested.

Video games are all around me. Many of a big ticket jobs come from the gaming industry. Always astonished what that industry became.

Good luck man.


You and you knowledge will be missed my friend. Thank you for your support, your words, and encouragement, your feed back, and even your insults. As each of those have helped me structure my business further!

I wish you the best in your future endeavors, and am excited to hear an update in a year!!