Closing Sales Percentage


Wanted to get an updated thread of this. There is one from a few years ago but anyway. What are your closing sales percentage for residential? Just started a few months ago but I’m at around 33%. I’d like to be around 60%. So I’m thinking I’m a touch too high in my prices.

What your closing rates looking like?


Residential or commercial? On my residential I was in the high 90% last year and the first part of this year. Recently I’ve dropped to about 90%. This is only for home I look at in person or talk to the customer for at least 5 minutes on the phone. My percentage has dropped recently because I can afford to price higher and lose out on a few jobs. Last year, and the year before, I needed to book every job I looked at.


I’m at about 98% booked I have 290 estimates and I’m at about 285 invoices. My prices are not cheap, one would actually argue I’m the highest. But my quality service shows, I’m never in a rush, the customer gets my full attention at quotes and I listen to music while cleaning. Everyone is happy.

I have lost 5 clients, the most recent being a house basically corner to corner in glass, worth $800,000.00
Cleaning was worth $700.00 he laughed when he asked how long it takes me, and how I would be making at least $80 per hour. He said I wasn’t worth that and as I left and shut door politely (cutting story short for our sake on forums) his wife began to yell at him.

I have booked 6 YES THATS SIX! Jobs worth about $400-600 (see my current thread)! I’m glad he doesn’t think I’m worth even $30 per hour per his words… I made $110 an hour today and cut 0 corners. I actually even stopped and enjoyed anamazing view, I think maybe for just long enough!


sorry forgot to put for residential


currently at 71%

but factor in the amount of bids in play that will be rejected and closer to 50%


98% is way too high.

I know you stated your prices are high in your area but that percentage says otherwise.

Even if you are a great salesman its rare to sell consistently with high rates with that percentage.

I didnt realise till a few years in that what I thought was high rates were actually mid rates


I think you will be surprised the longer you’re in business what pricing you can actually charge.

I believe you are basing your rates off of your experience recently with being an employee.

I believe the pricing you get now is good for you at this point but also believe you may look back and have a different price structure as your business is more successful.


I did judge my prices on many factors. I called around to 5 different companies and got a quote and asked them many questions and even revealed my plot. Made some friends, a enemy, a weirdo lol. Anyway I also based it on how much we used to charge in the business I helped run when I was hired as an employee (go read my newbie post). I really like my structure as of now. And I’m really happy with $50 an hour store front and $100 an hour residential. Even when the guy with a $800,000 house said I wasn’t worth $25 an hour before he even saw what I was capable of…

We shall see… my overhead is currently way low if you don’t count all the special gear I keep buying!! Lol


I would absolutely increase your pricing. Yes, $400-600 jobs are exciting when you first start out but that is subpar for me and what my demographic brings. If you’re booking that much, I’d raise your pricing


Well that may be the issue, got to include ALL expenses.


lol, of course in the real calculations I include it all. But im saying, if i would stop spending “unnecessary” money, my overhead is fairly low. however, I’m a sucker for, oh I need that!!!


That’s what I thought when I got into the biz, but for some reason the “special gear buying” never really stopped… lol



70 percent @ 30-40% higher wages sounds like a no brainer.
As a solo guy there is only so much work you can do.

Ok 10-20% higher wages. Got a little greedy :grin:


Low overhead is good, but doesn’t mean your not entitled to what someone makes who has a high over head

My wife works An has the health benefits that doesn’t mean I’m going to price my jobs cheaper Becuse I have health insurance through my wife


How much do you pull in per hour roughly?


? I understand that but most of my jobs are word of mouth, so they don’t care the price. I got another one today that didn’t like my prices even at a exterior only lol.

How much is your average ticket vs hours put in cleaning that house. I understand you have employees and more than one at the site but you can still figure the math. :slight_smile:


Doesn’t matter what my average ticket is
It’s about 98% closing rate.
If I’m getting 98% of my estimates booked I go on. My prices need to be higher period.


Not if 99% of my jobs are word of mouth and they just want their windows cleaned and to hell if they have to tell their friends they didn’t do it because of price…

How much $ PMH is always important.


Fast food places, they sell food to 99% of the people that walk in there… should they raise their prices… okay that’s a bad comparison since one is walk in and the other is service… okay foot in mouth for a minute…

Anyway I understand what you are saying. I even raise all my prices in January… and my book rate remained lol.

I’m pretty sure is my massive word of mouth that has helped me. Most my jobs this year have been in a small town (we live in Salem - state capitol) of Dallas and I am currently adding another house from the same strip every other day.


I raised my prices this spring and that has been okay so far with my repeats. I have also run into resistance on some bids but my body is tired so I’m just not worried about those bids.