Clip On, Long Squeegee Channel Holder for BOAB or Belt


You can clip this on most any bucket on a belt (BOAB) to be able to have a long channel when doing large store/shop glass.
But able to take clip squeegee holder off when doing normal sized windows.


Put this up because many people were complaining that there was no place to put there long channelled squeegee in there BOAB when doing large store fronts.
So if you have a better solution like to hear.


Very innovative. I like your posts. I get what youre trying to do but you should really consider finalizing some of your designs and turn them into products you can sell. Even that simple extended boab above would sell if you just made it out of collered plastic.


Yep seems some manufactures not interested.
Have many ideas few with patented that use now ready to manufacture.
But seems you ask them sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement.
Don’t want to know.


Yeah you’re prob better off just making them your self. You’re innovative but any of those companies could just steal your ideas.