Cleaning Two Cottages


Finally got to film cleaning some windows. Ive been cleaning these cottages for over 8 years now.


Was this posted for others to use as a " How To " Video ? Or just for fun ? I would not use this for training other, with ALL DUE RESPECT.

You mentioned doing this cottage for 8 years so you have been cleaning windows at least that long.
So…why are you still straight pulling as your primary technique ?

1- Why at time (3:30 in) do you straight pull right to left and risk leaving a squeegee trail ?
Either learn to fan or straight pull up to down not left to right on the casement style.

2- Why at time (4:30 in) are you using an 18" squeegee on a glass that is clearly only about 22" wide ? Go down to a 12" or 14" squeegee for windows this size. Running different sizes gives you much more flexibility and detail when doing residential jobs.

3- Why are you using the same rag to detail glass as you do to wipe dirty, wet edges and sills ?
Run two separate rags at all times. It can be the same material but always use a new/ clean rag for detailing glass. When that rag becomes to wet or dirty transfer it to edge and sill detailing duties and replace the clean detail rag.


I always have 3 rags.


Thanks for the comments. Its just for fun, if it was educational would you not think Id go into detail?

I basically straight pull because thats what I was taught. I have been trying to do fanning but I really am not good at it. I can do it on big windows but small ones I just like the straight pull.

1.I have never had problems with pulling sideways. I check the windows over and don’t leave trails, and if I did Id fix them up.

  1. I am not using the same rag. I have two rags, 1 for dry and 1 for wet. How the heck would I detail with a wet rag??? Im not a rookie. You may think I am but I do know what im doing. I have actually learned a lot more in the last year then when I was taught.


Work smarter, dont use a ladder twice the size as you need. Just creates extra strain that is just not necessary.

I am always surprised when seeing how experienced guys are still using such basic, janitor techniques.


From your video its clear this isn’t the case, as said at the 3:30 mark you side pull the right window without cutting in or wiping the edge or feathering the edge. Cameras generally don’t really pick up many errors however in this case it was a quite large area, even after you detailed there was still a mark there was wasn’t very small, that you clearly did not see.

While straight pulling can be acceptable in situations there are still basics that need to be followed to ensure a flawless window, these would include some type of clean start whether that be from wiping your starting edge to cutting in to feathering if you don’t do any of these then you are dragging lines across the glass (yes these might dry real fast and then you cant see them, but when the light shines at the right angle they will stick out like dogs balls.)


If you have been cleaning windows for 8 years, and you can’t fan, you are not a window cleaning company. Do your guys know how to fan? Because it seems apparent that they don’t pay attention to detail, if you have to follow behind them all the time, checking their work.

I know my comments and every one else seems pretty harsh, but you are not even at the level, IMO, of someone who has been in business a year, let alone someone doing glass for 8+ years. All of the videos I have seen you post, you straight pull everything.


I was trained by a friend that has no clue about fanning or anything else. He taught me straight pulls. I didn’t even know what fanning was until I started watching videos last year, and I have been trying to learn. I can fan on big windows but find it difficult on small windows. I have tired.


Try using a smaller squeegee channel. Doesn’t matter if you believe it or not, straight pulling everything will leave lines. You may not see them until the sun is shining directly on the window, from INSIDE the house.

Learning to fan, takes time. Keep practicing or you will never get good at it. Using a smaller channel on smaller windows is necessary. Use a 6 inch if you have to.


thanks for the video and for putting yourself out there.
What about fanning do you find difficult?


I can fan big windows no problem. I find the small ones hard, I just keep leaving water behind and have to redo them. Maybe its cause im using a squeeze to big for the window. I do have smaller ones. Im gonna have to keep trying


Gotcha. Why not try a 10" on those size windows? The fanning will be possible then.
Bear in mind, straight pulls are fastest most of the time but still requires some technique.


Try more soap also
Might be why your leaving water behind when you fan