Cleaning Sun Room Glass Roof Without Waterfedpole


Did a search and it seems like most always say WFP. I have not purchased one so will do it trad method.

The homeowner has been informed that it will not be spotless btw just trying to do the absolute best job I can. I have heard some talk a bout a no squeegee/ no rinse solution on other threads but have not found a recipe for it/.


Ladders, ledgers, angle adapters, extension poles.

Edit to add : Advil. You’ll need lots of Advil when you are done too.


Can’t advise it without seeing it, but I am not small and walked my fair share of them.

Sure do the best you can, but clients expectations and yours may be different. Keep it simple.


I have cleaned solarium’s with glass ceilings traditionally and got great result. Just remember to use really clean water on the final pass. I did use the Moerman Accelorator for most of the roof. I had to use a 4 step method to get them clean.


I am close to 300, definitely not walking on it lol.

It has a thick film, almost crust of pollen and dirt lol

Going to hit it with TSP and Dawn then try to figure out how to squeegee it I guess.


my 4 step process was to use a webster(tool for getting spiderwebs off) which you can buy anywhere. This helped get all the major debris off including pollen. Then I mopped it with my 14in sleeve. Then I used my steel wool on a wall sander (attaches to my 12’ ettore pole that I use). Finally I use my Moerman accelorator and Fliq pad to do the final clean. Everything came off with this method. At first I tried straight puls but it left streaks due to the windows being in direct sun and drying my solution. The Accelorator made it easy to get into all the corners and minimize detailing.


Hit it with a hose first. Scrub it with a white pad , An soap… hose it again then squeegee it.

WFP is ideal for these !!!


Yes sir I am in the process of researching WFP and planning to buy one soon.

I forgot to take final pictures but here it is.


Those black spots on the after picture is not dirt or stains btw it’s lettering from some type of insulation/ ceiling the homeowner added to the sunroom, it turned out almost spotless.

The homeowner was pleased and asked for my cards to give to her friends and neighbors.

I definitely need to get a WFP though, I had to soap, scrub and rinse 3 times to get it right. Got a really good shoulder and arm workout in lol


I hope you sold them on reoccurring cleans. Otherwise, 2-4 years from now they’ll call again and expect the same price (likely).


Yes sir I told her about every six months is good, she said she will give me a call at the end of the fall. I also plan on calling her back.


Mate you did a great job!


Thank you sir

I am just starting off but I have learned a lot on this forum by reading old threads and asking questions.