Cleaning estimate


Hey guys. Just looking for some opinions was contacted by apartment Complex about having a window cleaning done exterior only. It’s about four stories high and I was just wondering if there’s a better way to give a proposal other than just doing a window count?

Any advice is helpful thanks


Window count for sure, but factoring in how dirty they are, are they recessed (more difficult to clean), pricing for upper levels, trees and shrubs and fences and other obstacles on the ground as well as screen removal/washing/replacing.


I always use window count X rate per unit = Cost

I use a rate for each floor that is progressive as it gets higher ( more difficult )


I find myself beginning the pricing process with the good ol window count because honestly, sometimes you just gotta start somewhere. Then what @Matthew says above is pure gold… Take absolutely everything else into consideration.

I also look around the neighborhood to see what type of debris is likely to be on the glass and window sills. Is there a highway nearby? Demolition job? Etc…