Cladding repair?


Has anyone done this kind of repairs successfully? Any tips?




Yes, these are Pella, around 15 yeas old, maybe more.


Just looked it up, House was built in 1998, so these are 20 year old Pellas


Glue it back on with wood glue then use a 100% silicone calk to seal where the glass meets the cladding. Those windows are notorious for having water leak in behind the cladding and rotting the wood. A few years ago Pella had a class action lawsuit against them because of these, as I understand it.


It is not completely off, so remove it and start over? Luckily we are in a pretty dry climate and wood is still good. I am using WFP on this house and ideally want to fix it. These are the kind of people who don’t mind paying extra for opening windows and cleaning jambs, dusting wood blinds, etc. That is why I want to offer the repair.


I’m not a window repair guy, but, personally I would not offer to repair it unless my cleaning process was responsible for the separation. If it was, then I’d glue it back with wood glue, and run a very fine and precise bead of silicone right where the cladding meets the glass.

Otherwise I’d either have a window guy come repair it and eat the cost or give them the name of the window repair guy and let them know this is a common issue that I can’t be responsible for.


I’m with @Steve, do you run a handyman service or a window cleaning service?

Looking at this I’m glad we don’t have window like that over here.


I just saw it as an up-sell. If it’s a fairly easy $100+

why not.
Couple years ago I did de-glazing on this house (interior primarily).
Glazing was creeping out onto glass, particularly bad on windows that are in the sun all day. I have been cleaning this house for 11 years and it got to the point that the glazing started bugging me that the results were not great after my cleaning, I pride myself on perfectionism and decided to spend more time on these windows and charge accordingly. That glue-like substance was messing up my 1,5” blade and towel lint gets caught in the glazing, etc.
Anyway, I de-glazed all windows, see pictures before and after. It is a tedious process to cut it out, make a nice straight line and steel wool the residue. But I charged $80/h for it.
That’s what made me think about that cladding repair


Big $$ in repair
work $150 an hour