Choosing a clean water system


Update: my question has been answered below by several veryears helpful members.

I just checked the TDS of sevreal zip codes in my area and they are all above 200, bummer

Totally new to window cleaning. Looking at these pure water packages and I see that some are for soft water and some for hard water. I live in a metro area that has several cities with several different water services. How do I find out if these different cities have hard or soft water?


You can call the water dept. and ask what the TDS (Total desolved solids) is for their water system, or you should purchase a TDS meter (approx $30.00) so that you can check yourself. Quick, simple and easy.


So, first think you need to do is check your TDS here.

Enter your zip code and a bunch in your area to get a good sampling.

Then, watch this playlist we put together. A lot of helpful info here that will guide you toward what kind of system you should be looking at.

Feel free to ask me any questions, Iā€™m also available via phone 862-266-0677. There are a lot of options and most have a ton of questions.


@gottifire go to type in the zip code of the area you will be working in and it will give you a tds reading, but you will need a tds meter to monitor your pure water system out put.


I have 5 different city water systems in my area. They vary from a TDS of 24 PPM to 150 PPM. Most of the time it depends from where the water source is coming either above ground or a well. One option is to find the lowest TDS and fill a tank. Here is a nice delivery system on sale now
Or if you have TDS around 100 PPM or less you could use this one
Feel free to call or text me 24/7 for help setting it up.


Wow guys! Thank u so much.

I really love this amazing community. Never been on a community that is this active with so many helpful people.


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What is di?




higher tds equals harder water, i recommend the xero pure. i bought mine spring of 2014, no regrets. also got reach it mini and now have added plus a and plus b but for regular residential the mini and zero pure are an awesome pair.


he means he rented di (deionization) tanks. lower investment higher operating cost.


not always higher cost if you can rent them and get the largest ones that fit in your van.
We only spend about $500 a year in Oak Ridge Knoxville at around 175 tds


Thanks, I will check this out in my area