Check out my radical new Unger Ninja BOAB mod!


I read a comment recently by someone here on these forums about the Unger Ninja not quite being a perfect fit for the Ninja BOAB, and it got me thinking about a mod. My main problem was that it seemed to fit much better in the far slot, which means that it takes up both slots, reducing the potential for a second squeegee, (if one is also using a T-bar). So carefully, I cut down the opening with a small pair of of garden hand loppers, allowing the handle to sink down, but while still holding tension on the handle (so the squeegee rubber won’t be able to slide forward and hit the divider). I got it to fit very well into the nearest slot, so that it just drops straight down and doesn’t move. You have to be careful to work carefully and slowly, so as not to saw too much, if you’ve done it right the little raised bumps on the underside of the Ninja will prevent it from moving forward. I would prefer it if the handle fit the other way, (towards my hip instead of outward), but this also allows the T-bar handle to fit in either direction, and it’s not terribly inconvenient. At least I get to fit a second squeegee comfortably, and this is extremely secure in there. Rubbers won’t be bumping up against the divider anymore, the channel is completely perpendicular to the divider and secure.




It looks like they may be potential for rubber damage on those rough edges, if the rubber came into contact with them.


Naw, just take a lighter to it and it’ll smooth down real nice. I carry a lighter in my truck to smooth down the rough rubber nicking parts as needed.


Do you mean the rubberized handle, or the squeegee rubber? Perhaps the handle might show some minor wear and tear given enough time, but the squeegee rubber isn’t coming anywhere near the modded area, and it’s actually not that sharp. I’ll try the lighter trick though.