Cheap/good pump


I know these two words don’t go together lol! But I am trying to see if people can post some good pump/battery ready to go pump systems that are out there. I saw some on the resource for 500 bucks but was wondering if there are any other hidden gems somewhere else. I am not very good with making things, so the do it yourself way is probably off the table. Would prefer something pre made and easy to use , ready to rock. Thanks!


You can save a few $$ and buy the flow controller from WCR then purchase a Shurflo pump +/-$100, battery, tank, and wire it up yourself. I did everything myself for under $500.


if you’re wanting less hassle/expense you’ll need too google pump setups to familiarize yourself with their operation and youtube installation


Are you wanting a mounted system with a tank? If so then the ones already put together will not be cheap. What you have to ask yourself is can I make more money cleaning windows and pay for the tools ready to go or do I have the time and skill to DIY? If you are a DIY then we have all the parts to DIY. As for cheap pumps you get what you pay for. The two I have used are Surflo and Devlan. Both are carried by many supply houses. If you buy from us you get great support and CS.


I already have a water tank I was more or less just looking for something simple that I can hook up and be able to get better pressure. Can you recommend something that you sell?


I would go with the RHG delivery kit.



Thanks Chris

Also I just put the quick connect that came with the delux package on my output on my Xero Pure. When I connect my hose in to it, there is tons of water coming out of the quick connect itself. Any ideas on what this is?