I don’t think anyone is bashing anyone for throwing in a service or a discount on anything. I’m sure we are all just looking out for your well being. I think it would be better to put a value on the invoice and show them that they got it discounted. This way they understand it’s not free and they just got the extra service done at no cost to them because you see them as a valued customer. I have had a garage throw in a service because I spent enough there. And they too showed the amount on the invoice and showed the discounted amount. To me (I’m not speaking for everyone) I felt valued because they did this haha.

Also on the topic of chandeliers I would have a little flyer printed and hand it to customers with the invoice so they know what you also can do for them when they call you to service their windows again.

Wish you the best of luck!


If you did not do the “freebie” would they have not used your services?


There is the chance that they might not renew my services. I spent a great deal of time at $50 per hour changing out bulbs that were not bad because the new owners of this manse wanted to eliminate the chance that a bulb would go out. The master complained that had he known the cost, he would not have changed out the bulbs. I concurred. Switching from incandescent to LED has problems that we couldn’t anticipate, and some of the bulbs were problematic because of issues with the dimmers. NONETHELESS, after that complaint, I wanted to do whatever it took to leave a good impression. I’m actually two months out of knowing whether I accomplished my goal. SO, I guess the jury’s still out on that.


$50 an hour to Pay someone running a professional businesss is not a lot of money … “ Period “
After he complained I would of said I would gladly relenquessed you that honor. Even if it was 100 an hour. Never act desperate. Alwasy act like your schedule is so booked you jace no time for anything.
Even if your just starting out an you jace one more job the rest of the week. Fake it till you make it !!!

I had a lady hemming Na hawing over my price for a Window Cleaning job she needed done next week . “ Your price is double then the last guy “. I don’t even answer anymore just silence . Next thing I said , was “ let me know if you want to be on the schedule for next week , Becuse I jace to make 3 more calls An I’m sure it will get filled”.
Yes she said no thanks Oh well I still jace time to fill it. lol.


Couple good reads to help grow your quality business.

Do you give your services away for free?

When value exceeds price


Good articles Garry.:+1::+1: