Cavassing Card at door


Hey guys i have a question have you guys ever canvas by just putting cards in the door while the business is close? Did you get any calls back by doing it that way.


Never worked for me


Oh ok what do you say worked the best for you to grow you company was it going in and talking to managers


Yes you get calls.

Here is a canvassing video by @TheWindowCleanse

Storefront Canvassing: Price. Scope. Schedule


There are tons of great threads in this category on storefront canvassing…

One of the best methods is getting out and pounding the pavement meeting managers and owners.

Hope this helps.


Lol yea i watched that video i actually spoke to him he said he didn’t get any calls from that video.


Thank you yea thats what i have to do.


The reason I posted the video Manny so you could see how a lot of guys/gals go about storefront canvassing while the stores are closed.
It’s takes a lot of cards and time to get customers that way, but you will get calls eventually from it.

Meeting with the discussion maker is way faster to get route work. :wink:


Oh ok i see yea that is true thank you for thag advice


Best thing is to look for the places that you feel will generate a good profit. Maybe you think it’s a place that will need frequent cleanings and the have a good amount of quick to clean windows. Then take the time and confidence to go in and talk to the manager, or call them and ask to set up an appointment where you could swing by and chat with them about your services. If you don’t get the job right away, take notes and contact them again 4-6 months later. The more they get to know you, the more they will like you, feel comfortable with you and are more likely to give you a shot. Build a relationship with the decision maker. Don’t be pushy, just let them know what you offer and would be happy to take care of them.

It’s good to have a soft lead like “I do some work in the area, and just wanted to check to see if you need a reliable window cleaner.”

Places that are newly open are good targets as well that are often not taken advantage of. Contact them as early as possible as windows will be something they will want to have looking nice right from the get go to make a good first impression with new clients.

Persistance is key. Don’t be afraid of the “no”. Think of it as a stepping stone to get your next yes.


Wow thats awesome advide thank you so much