Carbon Fiber Handle and s channel plus


Hey @Chris, are we going to be getting the s channel plus in the states any time soon? And what about purchasing carbon fiber handles individually?




Looks slick.


I was just trying to see if I could find them anywhere. Lol


I can find them on ebay and have them shipped here but I like to buy from
my favorite trusted supplier…


If that were compatible with a ninja handle I’d buy it immediately.


I’d like to hear how much detailing reduction they actually give with the dog earing. Any one using one already? Or an ordinary S-Channel PLUS?


Maybe you think this video can be helpful:


I always did the same thing to my regular Unger channels. Never split the end or anything, just turned the tips down a bit with a channel locks.

It seems to work best with a hard rubber and you can get nearly zero detail with a little practice. Not on the level of the liquidator, but it definitely saves you having to cut in.


So when you say: “definitely saves you cutting in” you mean reduces detailing on the edges with a cloth?

Any reduction in detailing has gotta be a good thing in my book. And has to be an advantage over an ordinary channel with no dog earing. Looking forward to getting some S-Channel PLUS’s later this month and having a play.

One thing I have read on other forums, is that some of the S-Channel PLUS’s have come out of the factory with rough (pour quality) cut ends (not smoothed but jagged), which damaged some window frames, and some channels came out of the factory with inconsistent dog earing (one end bent more than the other), and had to be sent back to Unger, and be replaced because they weren’t happy with them. This concerns me a bit.

But, in saying that, others said the channels they got were great, and they love using them. So I’m still willing to give them a try.

Always learning.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand


So the Unger S Plus channels have been out for maybe 2 years now but never made their way to the US. They were included on the Unger Ultimate squeegee complete, that fancy squeegee with the carbon fiber handle that came in the display box. The Unger S Plus and the carbon fiber handle was never made available for purchase aside from that complete collectors kit. Those kits are gone as well, maybe a few distributors who expected to sell more still have some but Unger Global (US) is fresh out, have been for months.

I don’t think anyone is going to go through the trouble of importing serious volume to make it worth wile for Unger bringing them to the US for resale. Unger needs to sell thousands of units to even think about bringing a product into the US location, we fought to have Scrim brought over back in… 2009- 2010. By the way, that is no longer available in the US.

We do order things from The Window Cleaning Warehouse in the UK pretty frequently so if a few people seriously wanted some of these we could see about bringing some into stock but we would need a serious commitment. These only come in 3 sizes from what I can see, 12", 14", and 18".

As for the carbon fiber handles, I don’t see these available anywhere.

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Assuming there was also a compatible handle, i would commit to buying a set.


The S Plus is just an S channel that comes dogeared from Unger. Its just like a normal S Channel and it will fit in the Ergotec range of handles no problem.


Correct. Compared to an unmodified channel you can get your water bead very close to the frame. Like 1mm or less. On a good day, it’s almost as tight as the liquidators.


Hey Alex. I would order a 12" and 14". I will call you Wednesday.

Thanks man!


I think he wants more than just the three of us ordering


I would order 18, 14, and 8. Would love to try it. The liquidator is too finicky for my taste.


Um, yes please. And just do the usual FB post saying “limited supply” and I’m sure you’ll sell out in a heartbeat.


Ettore Contour Pro+ handle will take this channel (Unger S-Channel Plus with dog earing). Just needs rubber end plugs to hold rubber in place. I’m yet to find out whether standard Unger plastic end clips will fit with the dog earing, or whether I have to do some sort of DIY end clip (like PolznBladz paper clips for Liquidator

Ettore Contour Pro+ handle works well with Liquidator channels as well (

I’m in the process of buying both S-Channel Plus and Liquidator channels from WCW in the UK, and four Ettore Contour Pro+ handles.

I plan on using the S-Channel Plus-Ettore Contour Pro+ combo on windows that have rough window seals (wooden frames with putty etc) that reportedly chew up Liquidator rubber ends. Any reduction in detailing (even if it’s not as good as the Liquidator) is a bonus IMO. And the Contour-Liquidator combo on more modern glass, with the right sort of seals.

Graeme Hibbard.
Christchurch, New Zealand


I’m definitely in for one set, if we like them i’ll get more sets for the rest of the guys