Can you believe this


Devils advocate here, but the conflict doesn’t sound like it’s due to the fire fighting aspect of your job, it’s the business inspection end of things.

Imagine telling our customers that we are raising our rates for window cleaning by double. Oh…and by the way, we’ll be by to do the fire inspection on your property soon after. Hope you pass…

You would t do that, but google inspection corruption and I bet you find some interesting stories. Health inspections, building inspections, etc.

Read your contract with the union and do your best to abide. It’s the only ethical thing to do.


What ever we focus on expands? In other words think of the problem as the walls of a tunnel you are driving through. You know the walls are there but you are laser focused on the little light dot at the end. Guess what happens you hit the target and exit the tunnel safely. Just a thought.:crazy_face::crazy_face:


That sounds like a weak response from your Rep. Someone must have complained the Company ( FD ) side to cause him to speak with you. That’s ridiculous ! I would not just respond to that comment or not be in business in your town from that meeting and comment alone. I would ask him to provide the language of what constitutes a Conflict of Interest. A written contract that you agreed to as a condition of your employment with FD. Basically calling their bluff. I might also pay a lawyer familiar with Labor Law for a half hour to see where I stood. What the hell ? - the union rep should be advocating for you and tell the management at the FD to pound sand. How Is this anymore of a conflict than Firefighters eating regularly in a favorite restaurant that they also do inspections for ? Someone needs to apply common sense.


Cruzzer3 - There ARE other Firemen that do window cleaning on the side. There must be a way through this. I know a lawyer is big bucks, but that might be a consideration to a viable solution. Opinion isn’t law. And who knows, the lawyer might need their windows done. I’m reminded of realtors who must make “full discloser” that they are a realtor when they want to buy a property. They still buy the property. Muddle through this. This is a test…this is only a test. Policemen do security work on the side. Yup…be the diplomat and business man through this. I used to tell customers,“This is Burger King, you can ‘have it your way’, but you have to play by the rules.” And if you think about it, you may be the guy that makes precedence for future Firefighter businessmen in your area. 2 cen. from another new guy. :loudspeaker: :man_firefighter:


@TexasRich @WDW @LoveGlass you are all right. My rep contacted me due to a few fireman from another shift doing a inspection right after we left one of the businesses that they inspected. Lo and behold the business they inspected was a guy that had a very different personality. He said what the hell are you doing here I told your buddies from the fire dept that I wasnt interested in your service. The guys he said that to are not joking individuals. They would punch you for a knock knock joke. No personality at all. So they immediately took it as I was using being a union fireman to convince people to hire us. Guilting them into my service. My union rep heard this and was protecting me. Preparing me for the worst. We had a long talk and how frustrated I am about this mis understanding. The union rep said he would talk with the chief to see if he has a issue. The union rep agreed that it was bull crap but he has to prevent me from getting in trouble. So to the lawyer stuff. I do not think that is at all in my future. Firefighting is my passion and I make good money. I am also the newest guy so that would def not fly. I think since it was all a miss understanding I should be good but time will tell. I am off of work till next Friday. We had a baby Wed!!! So sorry I was delayed getting back to you all.


Congrads on the new baby! Hope mom and baby are doing well. Good luck and I hope this goes your way, as it should.


Congrats Dad(dy)! Yeah I just meant talk to the lawyer in confidence, asking," What does the law say about moonlighting as a public servant?" Not to have him go after them. Knowledge is power. Anywho, now we got the real reason. There’s always a REAL reason. I would think your station covers an area. If you worked outside of the area, you should have nothing for problems. Press on, stay safe, go make some money. :smiley:


@LoveGlass lol my station does cover a area. My entire town of 18,000 people. Next town half hour away is 7,000 people. My town was my best chance of starting to get cash flow.


So it seems you problem was you went looking for work while in uniform? or you took a friend with you or both?

When soliciting which is what you are doing when going into businesses without an invitation offering services you should be wearing a uniform that reflects your window cleaning business, you don’t bring friends, associates or even employees, you might bring your wife if she is your business partner, but its generally something your going to be doing solo 1 on 1, you want them to feel comfortable with you so they agree to become your customer.

Had the store owner not known that you were a fire fighter as well as a window cleaner this would have been a non issue, I’m not saying its something you should hide, just not a point to bring up unless its asked.
What I mean is if someone was to say “Hey I’m a Fire fighter and I’m also a window cleaner you should hire me, to clean your windows” then that would probably be seen as wrong I guess.

I saw on the news the other day how fire fighters in Victoria just got some raise with like 194 paid days off per year.


I can easily see how this incident shows a conlict. Due to exactly what was explained here.

You are canvassing for your window cleaning business and the next day you are working firefighter job and “happen” to get an inspection of the same store that turned you personally from window cleaning and you find violations. This store has a strong case to say you issued violations thru city firefighter because they didnt accept your window cleaning solicitation.

Like strong arming them. If you think the odds are rare it has already happebed so early.

Tough position but can see the issue for day job.


Why are you wasting your time with store fronts? :exploding_head:


That is exactly what the union rep was getting at. He said I could get our shift business list and not go to those places to try and obtain their business. I am just frustrated.


I need money from them to fund my advertisements. Also to keep me getting a slight income for the winter months.


Funny how this is the attitude that shows up in the spring.

Back in Dec/Jan, not so much. Storefront pays the bills in the winter months. It ain’t sexy, but it works when it has to.


I’m not trying to make light of the situation you’re going through, but this sounds like it’ll be a story you’ll look back on a couple years down the road and laugh about it.

Happened to me, first year in the biz stupid stuff happened. Looking back now I could bust at the seams laughing.


You may find this attitude with others during certain times of the year but my perspective is the same during Dec. thru March when I take the winters off. Just never understood why someone would want to work for less and compete with so many others for the same work.


well after following up with some of the businesses I canvassed I booked my first 10$ week job. I am very excited lol. Just wish I did 20 a week now but dont think they would of taken the bait. I am officially a money making business.


You will also learn on store front, reoccurring work, if you price it wrong you’re reminded of it every time you service it, which is frequently


Its not all or none for many of us. I began doing small route work and can really relate to the original poster. Started in 1993 doing small $ 5.00 and
$10.00 jobs. I remember spending $47.00 for tools - supplies and Doing $65.00 in store- fronts my first month for a whopping $18.00 gross profit. No clue what I was doing but I was super excited. It was mine ! Eventually worked into Res. jobs. but never quit or gave up Routes. I ( or employees) still do about $62,000.00 year in jobs we see at least monthly. 90% are concentrated in a 5 mile radius. Its like a well diversified investment portfolio… Right ? LOL !

Think of this ! In that time we have probably grossed about 1.6 million in small store-front type jobs.


Residential pays way higher per stop, so I don’t get this statement —> “I need money”.