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So I just started my business and last Friday was my first day canvassing. I am a career firefighter in my town. My business has nothing at all to do with my full time job. So my second business of the day my co worker from the Fd that was with me canvassing knew the manager. He knew my partner was a firefighter. The guy had a volgar personality but was fun. Didn’t buy our services but the guy was cool. We leave and some freaking how. Gods against me. My station went to that business to do a business inspection. When the Fd walked in the manager said what the hell I already told you I wasn’t interested. The firefighters had no idea what he meant. Then mentioned that myself and my friend was just in there from the Fd. So the firefighters instantly thought we was walking in saying hi we are blank blank from your local Fd we are trying to clean your windows. So I get on shift today and my union rep has a meeting with me and tells me it can be a conflict of interest. I should start my business in another town to be safe!!! Wtf man. When I canvas I never mention I am a firefighter. It isn’t in my pitch or any part of my talk. I’m so frustrated I could screem


That’s ridiculous. Almost every firefighter around here does renovations or something on the side locally.

Hope you figure It out.


I’m always fascinated that I see/hear people saying their firefighters do stuff on the side. Maybe it’s outside of California but I have a couple of friends that are firefighters and they don’t have time for anything because their schedule is a little crazy. They live in station for days at a time and then are home for a few days and so on. On top of that most firefighters make over $125k per year starting so they don’t seem to have much motivation for anything else or I should say need. Is it not like this in other places?


@GlassMD your correct a ton of firefighters have side gigs. Their own side gig. Most own some type of construction company or something along those lines. I was a butcher before this career. I don’t want to do that again and I don’t want to work for someone else. It is gosh damn frustrating. My union president was very supportive and is supportive but says maybe not the best to do it in our town.


@mshramek well we work 24 hours on and 48 hours off. I know there is a lot of wild land firefighters in Cali not sure if that’s what they are or not. Obviously there is both in Cali. Structure and wild land firefighters. We are structural firefighters here. So I work 10 days a month. We make decent money but not anywhere near the 125k… I need to move to Cali lol. The trade off of moving to Cali is everything gives you cancer there. :grin:


Perhaps be sure to mention to new customers (ESPECIALLY in the scenario of a prospect already knowing) that although you are also a Fireman, say that this is your side business and the two have nothing to do with each other. Probably wise to avoid Mr. Theworldsucks as well.


I am talking about the city and county firefighters primarily. However, when they are needed for wild fires they get sent to those as well because the man power is needed. The other thing is the firefighters here have amazing benefits and guarantee pension after 10 years of service. I believe the average pay across the board is about $180k per year. Even with how expensive it is out here, that’s good money. It’s dangerous though, as our fire season never ends.

Not sure about cancer?? :thinking:


And that right there is a Union in a nutshell. You pay them to strip your rights away and get nothing in return. Gone are the days of useful unions. Just another political party that money grabs.


Also one of your co-workers ratted you out to the union rep.


Conflict of interest??? That union rep is ridiculous! Window cleaning has absolutely nothing to do with fire fighting. I would ignore him. Haters gonna Hate.


You cannot rule your life by the antics of some bizarre reactions of this manager. You do not have some weird “non-compete?” clause that says you can only be a firefighter in that town. Ignore the oddball and enjoy life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.


Good old conflict of interest. Limits so many people from reaching their potential. :-1:


@mshramek dang those guys got it good there. I can’t complain I love my job and make good money. Who wouldn’t right. Hell I get to retire at 48 years old with a full pension!! But I have always wanted my own business and you window cleaners have a satisfying job. I want to be one also lol. But the cancer thing… I was just poking fun at you. Go pick up your ketchup bottle, somewhere that bottle is known to cause cancer in California. Or maybe since your in Cali you guys have higher regs then us so it don’t need to be on every product? It was a small joke.


@getbackupagain it’s a conflict of interest because they think I am saying. High my name is blank with blank fd and we are here to clean your windows. Acting in the position of firefighter to help get jobs. Which I’m not. Also conflict because we do business inspections and have law enforcement capabilities in that position. In terms of tickets and closing down businesses for violations against fire codes. We are gonna talk to the chief and see his opinion. Majority of our guys have part time jobs. I just happened to of started my own part time job. How is it different? Blows my mind.




causes reproductive harm when you use it to save money on a vasectomy…


Same is true in L.A.
I wanted to be a city firefighter when I was 19 because I was in fire camp as a kid. Fought 10 fires, even made the newspaper on 2 of them. Best gig in the world if you ask me…you guys are hero’s in my book!!

The wild fires are overseen by city (at least thats how it appeared to us) and us fire crews cut all the lines. Sometimes spent the night right on the line.


Lawyer. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Gotcha. Lol. Yeah that sign is everywhere on everything


Thank you @thorSG1. I def do not over look the forestry division I couldnt do it. Check out the movie only the brave. I think you will like it. It is a very good movie.