Can someone please ship me products?


Why the bloody hell don’t we have any good options in Canada. Our choices are from a couple crappy distributors or Home Depot which all carry the same crappy products.

If I buy product from here and ship it to one of my fellow American friends you you kindly ship it to me in Canada? Everything paid for and something in it for you as well.



Meh, same products you can get at Home Depot. I’m looking for moreman specifically, the accelerator.


Why do I feel like I’ve done this before?

Oh that’s right, when I was drug dealing… lol

I really want to do this, what harm can I get into?


I have a love/hate relationship with stocking Moerman products, therefore I don’t normally stock all the moerman line but you can give me a call and I’ll get what you need. 416-748-9393 8AM-5PM eastern time mon-fri


Bought my northern lite pole and accessories from @Beautiful_View, awesome to deal with. Also when I inquired about some tucker brushes that weren’t listed on the website he was able to get them and for the same price as I would pay if I ordered them from the states. I agree though even for power washing supplies it can be tough to get access to all the products in canada.


Dont see why it would be illegal if it is Im out lol. If not let me know and I would gladly help you.


Hahaha! Good luck with that!

Here’s some reading for you…


I’m in the states and use a Canadian supplier at times.

What are you trying to order?


I can drive to the border and toss it over?


I live 10 minutes from the border :slight_smile: come for a bbq lol


Marks the best! -


Where are you?
I supply just about anything you want here in western Canada. I can ship back east as well but freight can sometimes be a factor depending on what the items are.