Can I use a sprayer pump for soft-washing siding?


I’ve got a 5.5 gpm 60 PSI Northstar pump, a sprayer gun, a 55 gallon barrel, and hose. Can I use this setup to soft-wash siding?


Are you talking 12 volt pump ?


Yep. It’s supposed to spray up to 35 feet, so I figured it would work for second story houses at least.


What are you rinsing with ? Do you work solo ?


Hmm. Hadn’t thought about that. Could I use a separate tank? I could get a second barrel.


Yes, I work solo.


Ok this is just my opinion. I’m no expert , but if your a solo guy the best way to go is to use a power washer an either Apply your solution with a down stream injector or an Xjet.
That way your not switching from 12 volt to power washer. With a 12 volt you can apply your solution , but you still need to rinse , An that’s done via Power washer.
This year I’m going to implement a air diaphragm wher one guy will be soaping an the other rinsing, but in IMHO one man alone is best suited for Downstreming
Hope I explained this correctly.

You can still use your 12 volt for things like Dryvit/stucco or Concrete/pavers stuff like that where you want to get a more stronger precise mix to the surface

You need to do a little more reasearch about mixes , An techniques for applying chems


I’m not challenging you, since I am obviously not an expert, but why can’t I just use one tank with a chem mix and the other tank as just a buffer tank with rinse water?All I would have to do is move the feed hose from one tank to the other.


In all actuality you probably can , but time is money
Here’s what you would have to do with thsi method not to mention only 90psi.
Soap house go to truck turn off pump drain 150-200’ of hose that has soap still in it. , then switch over to your water tank

Downstreamimg all you jace to do is switch a nozzle that is on your gun , no walking back to your truck , or switching things.


Soft Washing/Power Washing is a tried and true method of cleaning. Why try to reinvent it?


Because for now the pressure washer is way more expensive, given that I already have the pump XD Haha. Can I use the pump for future roof cleaning applications?


It’ll work for soft washing and roof cleaning as long as its chem proof. In my experience you usually need some pressure to rinse. A garden hose might work better than your pump for rinsing