Can anyone else do this with a pole?


Would anyone else use a squeegee on a pole at 15 feet + high, or would you just get out the WFP?? Is it worth the effort. I can’t make it work and don’t try any more.

See from 5:32


PolznBladz makes it look so easy.

It’s not


Yeah I can do it but don’t like it.


I saw one of PolznBladz second floor polling videos a few years ago, before the liquidator. Very impressive and entertaining. He had to admit that he usually ladders up when he services the account.

On a side note: Bob has a beautiful WFP van mounted system.


Do you know what WFP system he uses? If so how do you know? I love his vids but he doesnt talk about it. I have only ever seen a very brief glimpse of a 40" RO in the back of his van on one of the Liquidator videos. Or maybe Bob himself can tell us on here…
He is the Don of squeeges anyway.


Once I get better with my liquidator I am more inclined to try it…usually I would just ladder up…on the building in this vid I would need a ladder anyway for the windows on the left…


I like Bob’s style, keeps it real to what he knows best. If we all kept it real to what we know and had an open mind we all would learn something from somebody.




These aren’t as high as those but I like it at 12’ or so.


On some higher glass I prefer straight pulls even with a swivel/combo tool.


Let’s expand the discussion to Wagtail devices then.


this video could have been labeled “2017 highlights of cleaning windows in sweatpants”


If you don’t wear sweatpants to work…you-are-a-girly-man


I have traditionally poled up to about 40’ but that was always 2 poles with straight pulls.
While its possible to do whats in the video, you will really feel it in your hands and wrists after a few windows.
Just because something is possible, doesn’t mean its practical.


This method is better than swivel fanning. One person can use the 2 pole method. A normal t bar sleeve can hold more water than a thin little pad, this is very important in places that are warmer than the UK. A T bar can also scrub harder. Straight pulls are faster and don’t wear out the body as much. Swivel tools are mostly a youtube thing, they became popular on youtube because youtube is mostly for entertainment. Nobody uses them around here because they are less efficient most of the time. They might have their place as a specialty tool in unique situations but not an everyday tool like what you see from some youtubers.


im not on youtube and i use my swivel tools everyday, they made us at least 30% faster at storefront.


When I’m on YouTube I’m at least 140% less productive.


Thank you. I think swivel tools (aka wagtails) speed me up for the quality i like to deliver. I may not straight pull properly but i leave icicles on half the windows I clean. With the wagtail icicles are eliminated.