Buying New DI Resin


Yes. Many things…
1 If you are renting a tank for 50 bucks a month, it’s costing you 600 bucks a year. A cube of resin is about 200 bucks, and it’s not hard to change. A decent DI tank isn’t very expensive either.
2 A RO membrane, when taken care of properly, will last YEARS, not months. I DI flush mine weekly and use RO protect when I store it over the winter.
3 The initial investment in an RO/DI is quite a bit higher than just a DI tank, but over the long term in higher TDS areas, it saves you a TON of money. There isn’t much to care for with either system.
4 A pump for the RO/DI is necessary if you are doing high poling. A Wayne PC4 is a cheap, but GOOD pump. There are better pumps out there that cost more, but you don’t have to right off, spend 500+ bucks on a pump.
5 If you use the RO on city water, you need to have a carbon filter before the RO. Chlorine kills RO membranes.


Each tank rental is $50, + $10/month

A tank lasts only about 8-9 hours of use.

That’s a lot of trips to the rental store.


If your getting 8-9 hours of use on a tank how much time/travel is involved with each exchange/refill of resin?


You run your DI through the RO membrane?


Yes. I have an older version of the Zero pure.

Hook the garden hose to one end of the DI, the out side of the DI to my RO. Run it until my outbound TDS is 0.


You shouldn’t have to change your DI resin on a RO/DI once a month, let alone daily.

So your expense per DI tank is 10 bucks a month plus 50 bucks each exchange? That’s ALOT of un-necessary expense.


No, I’ve been using di only system for my guys up until this point. And yes, it’s been a lot of extra time and driving, but the rental house is at least central and close to the freeway


I’ll give that a try


Keep DI sealed and wet!


I have the very first Xero Pure (wash it pro ) made. My TDS is 40-50. I run RO only mode and my RO is just now ready to replace. 6 years and I am having it cleaned to see if it can be restored to 98% efficiency


@John, How often do you use it


Everyday almost.


Wow, my gas Hydrocart uses 2 RO and 8 DI resin changes and my battery cart uses 2 RO and 2 DI filters in 8 months


That is not good. RO should go 3 years. Are you using a lot of well water


No well water, TDS usually 400 or so.

Each system runs 2 poles 6-8 hrs daily 3-4 days a week at times.


The Hydrocart has a gallon counter so how many gallons do you get out of a RO? Also have you tried the RO membrane cleaning service? They can restore it to 98% or you are not charged.


I’m not sure how many gallons I get for RO. I am not complaining about what I use.

I pay $270 for an RO, if I go through two a season I am not concerned when my daily job is $2000 on average.