Buying New DI Resin


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This is my first time on the site. I see this is a great place to get good information about window cleaning.

I have a 3/4 DI tank and need to replace the resin. But it seems so expensive. Looking online, it seems as if the resin for reef tanks is cheaper. Will that work? What do you guys prefer for or use to replace your resin?

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I use mixed bed resin I get a bag over here for about $150 plus delivery.
with my TDS of 120 a 25L bag lasts me about a year.


You may have gotten one of our super cheap 3/4 DI tanks -

If you look at it compared to the other tanks youll see how cheap it is actually:

Its actually cheaper than a resin refill!

Something to know is those tanks are super cheap! - We got 1,000 of them on super special last year. I think we only have about 40 left. So when your looking around the store the pricing may appear disproportionate.

The #1 best way to spend less on resin is to put an RO membrane in front of your tank. Check out this chart for an example of expected output:

You can learn more here if needed:


Rent takes from local distributors


I don’t understand the whole renting thing. Why rent when you could own at a relatively low price ?


Are you referring to Resin for salt water fish tanks? There are different resins on the market. Basically it is small polymer beads one Katon one anon. Mixed bed of 60/40 is the norm. The Xero brand is high quality mixed bed. You will get Long life out of it if you keep it wet or air tight in storage. Always keep the tank in a upright position so the mixed bed does not get disturbed.


mixed bed $25 a month delivered. aprx 500 gallons


That’s not a clear answer, to me. I talked to a local Culligan about resin, they don’t sell it here. They don’t think they sell it lose.

A recharged vessel takes a week to get one from them.

It only takes a few days to get a cube of resin, and a few minutes to change it.


I don’t rent per se, but I take my tank in locally and they exchange it for 55.00 for a 1/2 cube tank. It’s mixed bed, I call in that I’m coming, in and out the door in 15 min. I stayed longer last time because they gave me a tour and explained how everything works.


I would do the same for 55. Why not !!!


25 a month includes what ?


Nice. I’m guessing it’s gotta be regenerated resin for that price. But still not a bad deal.


Tank rental per month

Just google di tank rental


my resin usually lasts 6mos and runs under $150 w not much for delivery


Does resin go bad quickly if exposed to the sun? I had an employee who had a bag of resin in the back of his truck last summer. When he changed out the resin, he said it did not bring the water down to 0. Anyone know?


When you took the tour are they separating the positive and negative charged polymer beads and acid bathing them there or do they just change your mixed bed resin already mixed?


@Masters_WC resin should be stored in a dry airtight controlled environment for longest shelf life. It does not hurt it to freeze or get hot but for the best life storing it inside a garage or basement is best and in the air tight bag it come in or any airtight container


The TDS in our hovers around 450-500. Based on that chart, a RO membrane lasts about 3-4 times longer than a full cubit of di resin. We rent each tank for $50. Therefore, an RO system is about twice as expensive to maintain than a di system, and water pressure is not high enough to reach the higher floors effectively… am I missing something? I just bought a new RO membrane to test out this wash it pro system I inherited. Feeling like that was a mistake.


ro is gonna last longer than that. last membranes from previous owner(who ive known almost 20yrs) lasted almost 8years. our tds is 540 too 1200

we change resin every 6 mos along with sediment and carbon filters.

and we do almost all commercial and wfp

couldn’t imagine how much resin id burn thru without RO membranes! yikes lol


Your RO membrane will last for years.

Notice the words “before resin change” in the chart.

The DI tank referenced in the chart is 1/2 cube size. The XERO Pure / Wash-iT - Contain much less resin that 1/2 cube. With high TDS & frequent use RO before the DI will always be a better deal than straight resin.

Hope that helps.