Buying a Mailing List?


Does anyone have an updated place where I can purchase a consumer mailing list? Or if you have preferred website to get it from.

I ordered 5k 4x6 postcards only to find out after they have to be at least 6.5high. I’ve read a lot of threads but most are atleast 3-4 years old. Now I’m just trying to make the most of it


Call a mailing service. They can either sell you a list or mail them out for you


5000 cards 4x6" shouldn’t have been more than a couple hundred bucks. You’re likely to burn more time/money on a mail list and addressing than it’s worth. I’d save them to use as handouts and just get other ones to send EDDM.


We’ve only used 2, had some pretty good luck with melissadata. We tried directmail.con for a list and it wasn’t as good. It depends on what and you are trying to use the list for.