Business card help! Estimate on back


how does this look? Any feedback will help thank you!


Here the back of mine , if the front can fit your website and email I would switch to the front


Personally I wouldn’t use the super serif fonts. Just something plain and make it easier to read.



How about now, need some feed back. Thanks for the current changes!!


Lot better. You should set up your website email office@squeak

Then you can access it send and receive through Gmail.


i just can’t afford to spend any money on the business right now. Everything is under my SSN so even though its a business credit card etc etc, i can’t spend anything, because it’ll account towards my income to debt ratio, and i can’t mess with it anymore.

Should be this year, but as a whole, i mean gmails are fairly well respected unlike their counterparts lol


Should be free. Who are you hosting through?


I have wix host me. It’s not much for the email but I love how my gmail interstates so well… I’ll take a look again when I get home how much it is.


Most just companies have a panel where you can set up your emails. But sure about wix. If they do I can walk you though how to use Gmail.



I just leave it blank and fill in accordingly… these are mostly used for storefront canvassing. Also gives me room to say “Sorry I missed you” or something like that. Each sales employee has their own.