Burnt out on working for the man - need a change. Suggestions needed


For someone who is burnt out on working a 9-5 for someone else and is kind of tired of being around so many people (it was a big company) is Window Cleaning a good avenue in this job climate? I know you get what you put into it. I owned a window cleaning business when I was 22-25. I mainly was sub-contracted and never had the throw myself out there to get jobs. Since then I have moved and worked as an administrative assistant for a company and I’m just dead beat tired of it. I want to be on my own. I have a set amount that I need to make each year of $35,000 which with some hardwork seems entirely doable. That covers all of my bases, savings, and allows some for retirement. I live simply.

I want to do strictly residential with some smallish commercial and I want to work mainly alone with no hired help. Yeah, I sound like a bundle of joy to be around… Really, I’m a humble guy, just tired of all the hustle and bustle. I’m ready for the simplicity of window cleaning.

My questions are:

Since I last looked into WFP systems (2003) it seems like the technology has come a long way. For someone like me what system would you recommend?

How are these new WFP systems doing on older windows or windows with old frames that have worn out paint or crusty calking that likes to leave a nice streaky residue behind?

Are any of you using these systems for all of you residential work?

How do personally you tell when to use and when to clean with a squeegee?

Would one of these systems be ok if I used them on anything above 2 story windows? I am not very strong to be throwing around a 32ft ladder. It’s too heavy, though I am very comfortable on a 24ft.


Other than word of mouth and flyers - what are your most effective methods of advertising?

Do people put their business in the phone book anymore?

I’m in the Everett area of Washington state. Do you think it is possible to make $35,000 (take home) per year? Or is this an over saturated market?

Hope this summer has been fruitful for you all. Thank you for the suggestions and comments.
Have a great day!


Nothin is guaranteed




Hello and welcome to the forum!


There is potential to meet that number,but be prepared to work for it. You’ll have to use all methods of advertisement and really do something about it and because dead serious.

If you want it badly enough, You’ll get it.


Welcome to the forum.

If you decide window cleaning is the path you want to journey. Get this book.

It is a blueprint to having a successful residential window cleaning business.

Good luck.


I don’t know your area, but that is a realistic number to take home.

You’ll pick a WFP based on your primary use. So if it’s 2-3 stories, you may not need a very expensive one.

I have mixed results on older windows, but I know many guys on here use them all the time. I find them especially valuable above 2 stories, and there is rarely a need for a 32-foot ladder.

We never have never used the phone book. It’s too expensive and too passive.
Website, eddm mailouts, door hangers, and referrals. These are the ways we get business. Usually get a few calls per month from people who see our truck too.

I’m not sure if this answers all of your questions. You can make that income, but to get there your first year, you’ll have to invest a far bit. At an easy pace, it might take a couple years.


hit the streets, and goodluck bro!


dont wait till winter .as said above get at it ASAP


Keep your crappy 9-5 and start building your bus.

Then say, see you later!!! I’m tired of working for the man too but the man pays the bills for now.