Buried treasure of knowledge


a recent post caused me to look up an old video i watched when first trying to learn about this business and it made me realize how much is getting buried out there.
no disrespect to the newtubers, they are putting out some great stuff but…
as the newtubers add more and more content google brings up their fresh stuff first and the more prolific they are and the more of their stuff you look at the more of their stuff comes up and you are to less and less other stuff, it’s how google works.
so if trying to learn about the business and want a varied perspective try finding and watching some older stuff, here are a few i recommend, watch the vids, join the channel, change to sort order to oldest first here’s one from 2009 “wagga” chris smokin glass with wagtail

herman weiland with his homemade 36’ swivel

here’s don marsh talking about what your website should be doing from 2007:

when you watch these look at the suggested videos that pop up a wealth of people and videos you may never have encountered before.
got some favourite older vids or oldtubers we don’t see much anymore post them here.


Agree! This guys can learn you so much.
Wagga is a favourite of mine. Love his one piece work suit. Got to get one! Then my grandpa would have been proud of me. :blush:


Dude I forgot what a MASSIVE bottle of solution Wagga carries in his pouch.


Long live king wagga


Agreed. Mark Henderson’s channel is an essential. Wagga of course is a no brainer …,


Man mark,wagga…o I loved Mr Sanchez lol had some great stuff and fun too


Yeah, he was a funny dude! What happened? Wasn’t he WCR:s posterboy?


Thanks for this reminder cactus…

It is my opinion that Herman W is still the fastest, most efficient w/cleaner out there on ytube ↓ in large part thanks to his ‘broad strokes’ style and his massive swivel tools…

Followed by a close second… our hero Mark Henderson.


Mr Sanchez…had never come across him. Check out #5 extolling the virtues of “Scrim”. Cracks me up that this essential tool is a mystery to most in the US. Early 80’s signed on at new job. Tools handed out were 14" Brass Ettore. A synthetic soft bristled broom for wetting down the window and 3x 1yard square scrims. Still use them. Flirted with the microfibre for about a year and then went back to my scrim. Have yet to find anything to match it as a detailing cloth…


You can lump in Canada there as well… I only discovered scrim last year and been using leather chamois since the late 90’s… You are right it is THE absolutely essential tool for the detailing that invariably needs doing for perfectly clean work.


O guys rock! https://youtu.be/IX8lR1eTHNU


For many years I’ve been using cotton towels… it was a dream to change to the scrim. Only need one per day.


To quote Wagga, this thread is “Absolutely brilliant. Job done”.


“Buried treasure of knowledge”…

I was hoping for the map…

Oh wait i found the Marketing Blue Print…

thanks Ken for starting this thread, the vidoes posted aren’t half bad!

The archives here have TONS of buried “golden nuggets” especially in '12 and '13!




I miss Don the Window Cleaner. This is my favorite window washing video. I was going to put it on my web site and then realized I better not even though I really really wanted to. LOL


I smiled when I saw his video about when is a window clean. If I don’t remember wrong he compares he’s services like McDonald’s - you get what you pay for. He doesn’t get paid like he was a 3 star Michelin restaurant.