Broken pella


Any idea what it costs to replace this?


Does this help?



Is it just the insert that’s broken?




Just an arm and a leg


A few years back I broke an Anderson insert on a casement window and it was $130.


The local hardware store should be able to get it done…if I remember correctly most of those are coated glass so the glass will cost a bit more.They could just put regular glass in for probably under 50$, did you break it or just having it replaced for a client maybe they don’t care? I would think it would be double the cost for low e glass.


I don’t remember all the details of my situation but I do remember we went with anderson to make sure the tint would be the same. It might have been because it was low-e.


I broke it. I have cleaned so many Pella storms up north and never broken one. These are the toughest I’ve ever dealt with to get out.


It happens, I’m almost embarrassed how many storm windows I have broken over the years. Most of my work I get are turn of the century homes with pain in the ass combination storm’s.


I thought when I moved to Florida I would NEVER have to do these type of windows again lol I just got off the phone with my old boss and he said a glass shop should be able to repair it since these are not any type of special glass.


8 years ago, $475 for pretty much the same window and $99 for them to come out and confirm that bit was indeed broken.


… and it took them 3 years to get the replacement part.


Speedy Auto glass has helped us. Normally around $100


Hey, do those break easily? Then how are you supposed to wrangle it out of there? Will check back later for replies, then we can all have class here. Sorry that happened to you.


Ours broke due to our judgement

Wind kicked up and knocked it over


Hey @Erica quit breaking stuff, your in this to make money! :wink:
Did u find a local glass shop to replace the glass?


Most of what I see with them are special glass, at least in this climate zone (Northeast)

They have a hard coat on the inside of the pane, almost has a purplish hue to it.

If you replace it with regular glass you can tell the difference,


I watch a customer break one…

Just pull a little harder it will be okay… There made to be handled…

Hmm no I’m going to pass on it…

Ugh… Ill remove it for you…


…Better you then me!


I have noticed these Pellas definitely has a strong suction when you take them out. I have only messed with a few of them. How did it break?