Bringing my own tap-water to the job, question


So, now that I have my WFP coming in the mail, tomorrow, I am thinking about buying a 100-gallon water tank, to fill up with the hose, bring along to the jobs, and attach to my RO/DI system, and flow through to my pole. I assume this is possible, but, haven’t been able to find any videos with people doing this, I’ve only been able to find videos of people bringing along tanks of already pre-purified water. I’ve heard I need a pump to push the water through…what would power this pump, or is it something I have to power from my vehicle?

What all do I need to do this, besides the tank, itself? Is there a “better” or “worse” type of hosing?

Any help is much appreciated!


you can’t really do that unless you have a pump pushing water into the ro/di because you have no water pressure with just a tank .


Yeah, I am currently trying to figure out the best way to fill my tank up with pure water, before heading to a job…the first thought was to leave my pole on, but, that seems silly, I am gonna have to buy an expensive system for my home, now, it seems like, unless I am overlooking something.


You could get a gas/diesel powered pump and hook that up to your tank and then to your RO/DI system
Or a gas/diesel generator that you hook up a separate pump to and so on
You’d obviously have the cost of the fuel to factor in after that


Why carry tap water? Seems counter productive to me. Just fill the tank with pure water, and add a 12 v or 110 V pump. You are going to need some type of pump anyway IF you carry tap water. When you run tap water through your filter, you are only getting what, 50% or so of RO/DI water? The other is just waste water.


On your first post you said you have an RO/DI unit, right?
why would you need to purchase another for your home if you already have the system just use it at home the night before to fill your tank then leave the RO/DI unit at home or in your vehicle and run a pump from the tank to your pole.
I really didn’t understand what you meant by “the first thought was to leave my pole on”, could you elaborate?


We love this set up… all links to purchase is in the description.