Brain Power


They say window cleaning only uses 10% of your brain power, which is why most window cleaners are so chilled. If that is true, what do you think about while working to use the other 90%?


Humm, just the usual random crap that runs through your head. Differential equations and why they suck. Cosmological relation to the theory of relativity. The nature of time and why philosophers suck at physics. What Anthony Flew meant regarding epistemological basis for believing in the resurrection. Teleology. Puppies. You know, the ususal.


love teleology


Pearl Jam on my headphones. Loud. Minimizes chances of too much thinking.


I just kind of blank out and the time flies. No headphones either.


Usually puppies dancing in ballerina costumes




I do not think.
There is no thinker or doer.
All sense of a separate self evaporates in the moment,
mind as still and clear as the glass being cleaned.
Only oneness with the universe exists,
All thinking and cleaning are just
the moment to moment arising of phenomena.


Loving the time difference. I get woken up by deep philosphical comments at 4:30 am