Bought a pressure washer!


I went ahead and bought myself the Stihl Rb800 4200 psi 4gpm Koehler engine pressure washer!

I also bought myself oil and sidemen 10 ft socks along with sewer drain guard bags. Next is to inform my insurance about the gutter cleaning and pressure washing addition.

Oh my oh my!! Look what I did!

Already have 3 jobs booked to pay for the rig!! Thank you to my local ACE HARDWARE Stihl dealership!!



i hate pressure washing but i have a dealership i do all windows and actual building wash. i use pw on old painted side and wfp on the noce shiny metal.

i hate loading my landau its stupid heavy


Did you also grab a surface cleaner?


Nice man. Good steps!! Congrats on the growth.


I bought the NON handled Stihl one for now as well as the High pressure Rotary TIP. I will eventually buy a large fully handled one.

I have done hours of research on Nozzles, Tips, regulator and PSI adjustments. I think I’m way more confused now than i was before! lol!


Do not use that tip on concrete it will damage the smooth surface top.


Works GREAT for washing the work vehicle though…



Work vehicle is not supposed to be used for off road entertainment. :rofl: :sunglasses:


Both the 3100 psi and 5100 psi even if i use my regulator to down them to less psi? What are they for if not concrete? Manufacturing even show them using it on concrete (not all types of course)!

Trying to learn more every day. I used to work for a company that I NOW KNOW was breaking many laws. He also trained me to (deep breathe) PW roofs. I taught him the safest way to do it, which WASNT! lol

There are ways you can almost get away with, but we all know the potential damage!


They work great for removing paint from metal surface. Those tips are for prep before repaint.

If it smooth surface concrete it will pit the concerte (then you will be paying for new surface) because you do not have enough distance from wand to concentrate.

Hope that helps


Every little bit helps! I hope the surface cleaner i got works well, its on back order!
Now im looking at garden hose lengths and dia. I’m assuming i should go 100’ at 5/8 since most people out here use 1/2" MNPT to 3/4 GHTF from house!


i can’t tell you how many times i see etched concrete at homes and businesses


Oops. Taking notes.


I don’t use more than 2500 psi on concrete you can but 2500 works fine I pre , An post treat helps tremendously! Get yourself a psi chart , so you know what tips give x amount of psi. Did you get a down stream injector yet ?
Hate to say it but that pic ya put up not good enough . Looks like you just used water.


I did use just water. I wanted to see how well it did alone.

I keep looking at that chart… if orifice size matters how come I can’t just buy a kit of each orifice size?
I keep reading conflicted answers. According to my PW manual… I should adjust the regulator (when I look up engine parts this is actually called a unloaded… two different things I thought?)

This RB 800 is to be fully adjustable. I can adjust GPM BY ADJUSTING THE THROTTLE. And adjust psi by the regulator and changing out the tips for a different ANGLE not orifice… it also says if I use a different orifice sauce than provided, may cause pressure issues and shoot off tip…

See why I’m confused? Lol


That’s the looped hose to shut off soap without having to remove things correct? (Roughly)


my wand has pressure adjustment on it. i warned someone not too use it full pressure on concrete and they forgot what i said lol

well now theres sidewalk art


i dont do pw very often i dont like it but theres couple good cleaners

grout master from tmf

and simex , this one is safe for plants



Pool shock 10-15%. Check your local pool store 1 gallon or 5 gallon containers. Can run anywhere beetween 1.50-4.00 dollars a gallon.
For vinyl cleanin mix 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 gallons of shock per 5 gallon batches Depending how dirty stuff is. 4-5ounces of elemonator drop your s soap line in the bucket soap away rinse away. An collect check
For drive ways you’ll want a stronger mix.

For vinyl all you need is about .80- 1.00 Percent. Learn An understand what that means An how to get different percentages of mix on the surfaces your cleanin. Hard to explain
For dirty drive ways like what you have in that picture you’ll want about a 2-3 percent mix to pre soap You can even post soap t after which helps with a lesser percentage mix.
Learn about all the different ways there are to apply your mix. Roof pump , Injector , xjet , Airdiaphram

I’m sure your or goin to go out An get a roof pump right away, so for drive ways like that. Down stream a strong house wash mix. Like 4 gallons Shock to one gallon water or straight shock An soap

House wash mix is like I said 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 gallons shock the rest water in a fiver, an downstreamwd.


Ill only be doing concrete surfaces such as drive ways and side walks etc etc… then slowly adding in wood pitches and then eventually wood and vinyl fencing… do I still need that fancy roof pump?