Shoe covers


Have you tried these?


No I have not. I just saw these tonight. Looks pretty cool though.


Cool concept, would love to hear how well they work.


Not something I personally would use. I’ll stick with the shoe covers I get from Shubee.

The concept is cool, but they don’t come up high enough IMO.


How high do they really need to cover? The main objective is to cover the walking part of the shoe to keep dirt off carpets and floors. Regular bend-over-to-put-on booties go over the shoe so there is some way to keep them from falling off; these cling.


I don’t know about Florida, but up here when we walk in snow, or mud, it gets on your shoe higher then the tread of your shoes. So covering on the sides makes sense for me.

While the cling thing is cool, it looks like saran wrap. Most of that stuff is pretty thin and easy to tear.


Another thing to carry to door and you may find many customers assuming your unprotected shoe is on thier carpet.

Id like more side coverage too


seen it at a flooring store i was very unimpressed

shubee are great people and products


These look like they would work well


I could see these being useful for certain trades, like on construction sites where people are in & out constantly, but I don’t really see it working well for window cleaning.

I really like my Pro Shoe Covers. They have nonskid rubber soles. I get a year or more out of a pair since they’re sturdy and washable; people around here are big into recycling and avoiding waste.


Yup ripping , carrying , an not actullay seeing the booties is a big no way for me with this contraption.
I’m thinking about buying s pair of slip on shoes An just putting my booties permanently on the booty