Hi All,

Looking at starting to do my own bookkeeping. I will still have someone do my taxes, but I’m starting to think I’m paying way to much for basic accounting. I run every transaction an payment through my bank account and it looks like all I would need to do I record all of them from my bank statements into a program like Quickbooks and have it ready for my tax guy at the end of the year. Is there more to it than that?

Also, any input about what program you all are using and how many hours you spend a month/quarter keeping the book would be useful.




You just have to reconcile your accounts which is pretty easy as long as you enter everything into QuickBooks correctly which is pretty simple. That’s what I do and give my accountant my QuickBooks file at the end of the year. It costs about $600.00 total to file the taxes.


I would do your sales tax quarterly An your payroll taxes monthly.
Keeping your books is not really a time consuming thing.