Boars Hair Brush


So I would like to purchase one of these bad boys for next year but can’t decide on the one sold here that has a solid wood handle or I have seen one’s that you can screw a pole onto but not too sure about the metal plate going into water all the time. Right now I just use my industrial cleaning sponge for the frames and around the edges but come next spring I want something with a little more teeth to it. Any thoughts on this? Which size does anyone use or recommend? Thanks everybody! :slight_smile:


You and me both


I love them…10’- hand held, 12" threaded…used to use a 14’’ and it’ a wrist breaker…I wish someone would come out with a lighter handle or or t-bar type set-up for hogs hair.


That sounds like a good pair of brush sizes. You using on them mainly on the sills or both the sills and glass? And the one that’s threaded do you see the metal part starting to rust out or how you using it? What I mean is are you submerging it in water or are sparing your cleaner than using it? Thanks! :slight_smile:


I have a threaded one that never gets used if ya wanna buy it


I use them on sills, frames and glass…to me a ‘must have’ for construction cleans…
I believe the metal part is stainless steel but Yep, rust never sleeps…


@Samuel did you have a idea of what you were going to use it for and it never worked out?
@Matthew thanks for the input! That’s what I was going to be putting the brush to work as


I had planned to use it for grody window panes in lieu of steel/bronze wool. It does scrub pretty well, but it’s big and makes a ton of foam with soapy water. So I went back to T-bar and wool scrubbing on tough spots.


When the windows are filthy you can’t beat a hogs hair brush. I like 10” and one with hole in it so I can put it on my pole.


Do you use the brush along with steel wooling the windows?


One or the other


That would be over kill doing both. Thanks man


Actually it’s not overkill. It’s a time waster. If the hogs hair brush isn’t strong enough to get the glass sparkling clean you should skip it and just use the wool. If the hogs hair brush is aggressive enough to get the job done it’s faster than washing and wooling it. Of course using a strip washer is faster than either method as long as the glass gets clean.


True. I see your point. I just haven’t had the pleasure of using the hogs hair brush yet


Is the Boars Hair Brush ok to use on tinted windows?