Binge Worthy Youtube channels?


Which are your favorite binge-worthy window cleaning Youtube channels?

These are the ones you should be subscribed too at a minimum:

  1. WCR:
  2. Luke the Window Cleaner:
  3. SteveO:
  4. The Window Cleanse:
  5. Fluff Daddy:
  6. Window Joe:

Are any of your favorites above? What do you like about their videos or how they have helped you? If you have another channel you like drop it below!


I would ask are the people who subscribe new guys or experienced and how long are these types watching.

No surprise but havn’t found a you tube channel worth subscribing.

Always have the same thing, watching someone stumbling over words, cleaning windows many times over with just no real learning content. The music may be the most entertaining portion.

Talk about a squeegee for 30 seconds and show video using it for 5 minutes.

To each his own but never been captivated by any.


Would much rather watch
-business buidling
-educational (photo shop, google ad words)
-informative podcasts

Than the window gear stuff. To each their own.


Does it have to be window cleaning related? Because Epic NPC man is truly bing worthy. Also, Ozzy Man Reviews




I think the channels all have some value. It’s nice to actually see how people are using products and equipment we haven’t gotten a chance to play with. Many don’t have a store nearby that stocks the gear.

Much of it is for guys starting out.

I think it would be fair to mention that the channels listed all (I expect) receive compensation from WCR.


I binge watch salt water aquarium, welding, BMW restoration, Casey Neistat, and time management/productivity videos. Haven’t watched a window cleaning video in years. probably need to check some out.


So you binge watch all those channels, then finish with time management videos? Lol sounds counter productive.


That’s why I do it. Makes me somehow feel like I’m not wasting time, lol!



I watch a few here and there. Nothing I don’t already know, although I learned a thing or two from I think it was a guy named Dan-- old old youtuber. I’m not sure if he makes them anymore, his name was Dan or Bob…Real informative guy. Also a few of the “up and comers” in window cleaner have some good content.

I’m not big on watching other people clean windows, everybody has their own techniques as to what makes them a window cleaner. Keith Kalfas is a good motivational speaker, he is also a good salesman (Is that the “Keith Kalfas kit” I see? LOL). Other than that, I’ve seen some of Luke’s videos. And there is one else…he is an employee of a company he works for. He is on here I think, i think it’s “Steve-O” but not 100 percent sure. I can relate as I am also an employee and always thought of video recording a mix or when I am working. But again it comes to my main point-- I clean windows all day, I don’t do much watching at home haha.

I agree above, there is a TON of information for those “getting into the biz” on Youtube. I’m not saying all of them are GOOD information, but there is content a plenty. I have laughed with them, because listen when you break it all down-- we are like a “brotherhood” in our trade. You can walk up to any window cleaner and shoot the breeze with them because YOU KNOW HOW IT IS! I’ve always loved that about this trade. I don’t like the bad blood people have between “competition”. Plenty of glass for everyone


I know how to wash windows so don’t really watch any other than the wcr one when I like the interview. Lots of other YouTube channels that help with business


One thing that keeps me from watching a lot of videos is rambling. Get to the point when you make a video. I’m not interested in watching a 5 minute CGI introduction then on to a 22 minute video full of time lapses and sped up shots of mundane work. Just cut to the chase and make your point, tell your story, or whatever.


What about me I am a nice chap lol


Have always enjoyed your channel, Mark!


Thank you very much