Bidding Question


Hey Guys,

Got a request for a estimate on a residential building used for a business. Total about of windows are 15. 7 on ground floor. 8 for second floor. (You’ll see in the pictures the only really difficult one toget to is above the basement door.) Window are all french pane windows. Each window has 24 sections on one side. There are 2 doors with 3 sections of glass on each. Also to be noted the french pane windows have I dont know how to describe it, so bare with me. I believe there is the double hung french pane window however looking from the inside out there is single window up top with a screen at the bottom.
I plan on just giving a whole price. Windows, screens and tracks all included.

Here are some pictures. Im not really sure where to even begin. Thanks for your help!!



Those being storm windows I would be around $450, provided they are all in functional order.


I came in at $510
$1 each pane for $24 per window + sills, then $10 for the storm and screen = $34 per window total
$34 x 15 = $510

I am a noob so my pricing reflects my inexperience, but that is how I would bid it. (yes, I price storms high)


I’m $1.50 per french or $36 plus $6 per piece of glass (2-storms =$12) and $5 to take apart and put back together. $53 per. I basically price it high because I’m not interested in doing this kind of job on the cheap. You basically have triple the work. 1-french pane double hung in this case 24 panes each side…that is 192 sides and corners you have to detail for one window!
The storm set up looks like what I call a triple track, very popular fix back in the day for single pane windows. If that is the case, you will need to open window on the inside, open the bottom storm (usually spring clips on each side) and slide it out, this will allow you access to the screen that will then be pulled out the same way, then drop the upper storm down and out then close double hung. After doing this on all, head out side and start cleaning, then clean inside, then clean both sides of each storm window and re-assemble. Expensive but when it is done, oh my what a difference it will make. Good luck!


That is what I thought I was doing until I saw your price of $53 per. :smile:


You’ll do this type of job cheap one time and never again.


Yea, my price is more fair to me than the customer, but if I were to get it great, otherwise if I wanted, it gives me room to come down to around the $45 range which is a fair price in my opinion to me and the customer. The reality, most don’t want to do these and as Garry said, you’ll only under price this type of job once :slight_smile:


Thanks for your help guys. I bid it at $472 including sills not screens. Owner came back and said last guy did it for $200 to $250 range. So I explained the amount of glass that will be cleaned totaled 732 sections for inside and outside with each having 4 sides that will need to be detailed. As well as the storm windows that will be cleaned inside and outside.

We’ll see what he says. However, I will say that I feel good standing my ground and not being haggled down. I know this place is going to take all day. Although the money would be really nice right now, I don’t want to start that trend of getting half of what the job is worth and hating every bit of it.


You did good sticking to your price.

“…last guy did it for $200 to $250 range.”

He probably already knows the last guy under priced it terribly, and that he is not going to do it for that price again. That is why he is getting more estimates. Or, he is bull crapping about it to get you down on price. I am betting he is bull crapping, because the last guy did it for a set price, not a range, :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol.

Either way, sticking to your price is one lesson I have learned from the pros here. Well done.


I bid a job like this late last year. The lady was a referral from another customer. The great thing to me about referral is that getting the job is rarely about price. So I walked around, French panes, storms, etc etc the whole deal. Came out to $725 and I really wasn’t excited about it because as you said I would be there ALL DAY and it would be a hard day.

She said I have a guy that did it last time for $250. I told her if she was happy with the job he did then I would call him back.

She said he was ok and thanks for bidding the job, never heard from her again and honestly thats ok. You can do 3 normal jobs in the time this will take and probably make more money.

Don’t ever come down on price for one of these, you will spend the whole day hating yourself.