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Hey guys, I need help bidding some fast food jobs. One of my residential costumers is the regional director of a national fast food chain. He asked if I was interested in bidding on the stores in my region. It works out it around 20 stores covering about 50 miles. Most of the stores are about 30-50 miles away from me and clustered around the Philadelphia area. The stores are pretty much layed out the same (I used google street view… didn’t drive to all the stores). They have about 40 to 50 panes each, no 2nd floor windows. I’m guessing I could do 5-7 locations a day. The big problem is all the drive time, gas, etc. I do have two helpers. Has anyone done this kind of work before… thoughts please… is it werth it?



Here’s some things to keep in mind:

  1. Drive thru Windows.
    These little babies add an extra 15-30 minutes to the job, inside/out. If you are doing 5-7/day, you will have to deal with traffic and possible poor service, ie waiting waiting waiting waiting…

Some stops have one window. Some have 2.

  1. Cubed entryways.
    These are little beasts as well. Take note if there is one or two or even three per location.

  2. Schedule.
    They really need to be done every other week minimum. Once a month will add 25% time because of more greasy filth.

Also, note how many windows have tables situated right next to them. This will make them more susceptible to fingerprints, splatters, kids faces…

  1. Initial clean.
    Charge extra.

I service 25 Wendy’s. Best wishes.


Hi Jordie, thanks for the helpful tips! I will definitely keep them in mind. I watched the video you did about store front bidding. It was pretty cool to see how you priced stuff. Do you think I should price these jobs as I would for regular route work? Or would this be on the commercial side of things? When I’m pricing for route I’m doing about $1-3 a pane. Usual $20-$60 per stop is my average. If each location has roughly 40-50 windows @$2 a pane that’s $80- $100. That feels low for all the driving I’ll be doing. Any thoughts on that? These are Boston Markets by the way.


I was contacted a week or so ago by someone who had a bunch of these in my area, he asked me for a quote, but told me each location has $90-$100 each, when I checked them out they were priced at $1 per side, and had not been professionally cleaned for a long time, on the other side the cleaning times were only to be performed after 930pm as I live out of town this would require a drive(1h return) just to do that job. I politely informed the customer that I would not be able to accommodate his request at those prices.
My price would have been twice if not more of the budget. hence why I do not seek store front even if I am asked its $100 min.

He was based over 400 miles away and was subbing the contracts out they had.


Hi Steveo, thanks for the info, that’s good to know. The work is only done after 9:30pm, that blows. Was that price what they pay for the job including his cut as the contractor or just what you would make per job?


I don’t think you’ll be able to get 7 a day done with drive times. There will be a time constraint. I’m thunking between 8am -12pm.
So that’s 4 hours you have to get them. One guy can prob do 3-4 depending on how close. An of course the time they get there.
You really need to think of you want to spread yourself wiTh these. If you jace a big route that overs these areas then it makes sense. If not they will get in the way. .

@Bubble_Guy. With the Wendy’s which are about the same size. An same time constraints . How many a day are you doing ?

Me personally. I would never want to do 20 of any of t hese stores. Wendy’s , or Boston Markett. If I came across this I would do a handful that are in my working area , an sub the rest.

It really depends on your business model


If i hustle, i can do 6. Bringing lunch shaves an hour of downtime. Need to get to first one 730am.


A lot of newer fast food stores have either play places or atrium style areas on one side, those eat up a lot of time. Drive thru windows as stated before can be a pain, gotta hit them as you can even if you have to stop the area you’re on and run over to do them when there’s no cars. And even at non peak hours, there’s still always a few people at the tables which makes it even more of a pain. If you’re having to drive over an hour to get there (couldn’t tell if that was round trip time or one way from your post) then I’d add a mileage charge to it as well.


Route work, i suppose.

A lot has to do with where you are in your business. If you’re hungry and nothing else going on, $80-100 store every other week might look real nice.

If you’re jam packed with high paying work, maybe it doesn’t seem as appealing.

Remember that you make a trade off with recurring work. It may not be at peak pricing but it’s there again in 2 weeks. And then in 2 weeks…

Instead of paying for marketing to get a resi one-off at prime pricing. But then you’re only scheduled 2 weeks out.

It depends on what you need.


Ya wow that’s a lot of hustling , An driving ! Nice money though it is what it is. Add a helper to that day An makes it easier. Plus do more work after.

What’s the latest your in them ?

I remember back in the day I did 3 Wendy’s for the guy I worked for.
I wouldn’t do them all in one day. To far apart. This was my morning Monday start
Diner ,Wendy’s ,Burger King ,Kentucky fried chicken.
The Burger King ,An Kentucky Fried were right next to each other, then once those were done everything else would start opemeing Up.
All close Tiggt work. To me that’s what it’s all about, but everyone’s businesss is different I get it.


That is what I would make per job.


Do it for 100$ minimum , clean them once a month and do 2 every day in between your residential homes ??? If you do them all in one day its not worth the drive


Thanks for all you great feed back guys… really helpful! I think I’m going to go for it. I have two part timers that have been with me for over a year and they want more hours. So this would help them. All so I’m thinking about taking sometime off in the winter months. I’m putting my home on the market in spring and need to get some remodeling done. This would help keep them busy. If the route turns out to be to much work, I’ll do the ones closest to me and sub-out the rest. I’m thinking two guys can bust out 3-5 (or more) a day if the time frame is not to restricting. I may be back at some point to ask advice on subbing work. Lol

Thanks again


With 2 guys I would go for it. Eepecillay if there hungry. Good luck !


I would like the Wendy’s account.

There are 10 I would do in my working area

@Bubble_Guy. :stuck_out_tongue: Long Island. Wendy’s. Get on it.

Come meet me we’ll talk abut this. I got a cold one waiting for you




First thing to find out is if they are franchised or Wendy’s International. Less chance you’ll get them if they are the latter.


40 - 50 panes @ $3 each and another 25 or 50 for the frames = $175 per store, every 2 weeks. roughly $4800 a year