Bid a Job today, what do you think


Hey guys, so IM new to bidding and every now and than my inexperience shows and it makes bidding a job hard. However tell me what you guys think, am i way off or in the ball park? I’m located in CT so everything here is more expensive. The customer wanted IN and Out done and screens cleaned. They had 41 Double hung windows, 12 of those 41 had storms. there was 16-18 screens. 20 of the 41 were French paned windows and the other 21 had French pane inserts that you could push in two tabs and then remove, if that makes since, however they were very fragile and broke easily. They also had 4 glass sliding doors that were also French paned that I counted 80 individual panes. So I quoted the job at $800.00. what do you think ? too high too low ? what would you have done?


I lost count but it sounds about right


6? 8? 12? 15 panes per French window? Or is there a flat rate for any French window?


Most were 12 pane but a good amount were 16 pane


I’d say you’re in the ballpark. I’d be a bit more but I too live in an expensive area and have been around a while.

Good luck!


We could only get $575 here but I could do it in one day. Not bad money so sometimes I will bid as if what do i want to make that day>