Best Window Cleaning Software?


We’ve tried a couple of different software to try and better organize the business and accounting aspect of our business but are having a tough time trying to figure out what will work the best for us. Has anyone used window cleaning/roof cleaning software to get them organized, like “Remote Shine”? What has worked best for you?


What’s are your companies goals and what functionality do you need in a software to accomplish those goals?


Hi Johnathan,
I agree with Larry, you want to have some specific goals in mind when researching and deciding on the best software solution for your business. From the looks of it, you want to accomplish accounting and business management. I recommend you take a look at Smart Service.

It’s a business management software program and is completely integrated with QuickBooks accounting software ( terms of business management you can schedule service calls, dispatch them to your team in the field (with the add-on iPhone/iPad app iFleet), manage marketing campaigns, generate reports, and customize it to fit your business needs.

And with the QuickBooks integration, you can do billing and invoicing with no double data entry. Also, once the program is set up and synced to QuickBooks you don’t need to do anything additional to important information from Smart Service to QuickBooks.

Capterra great website with additional software programs to consider. There are also some customer reviews of Smart Service there and you can see what other people really like about the program (Smart Service Software by My Service Depot - Capterra Reviews)


Think like one of the chaps above said Johnny, what are you looking for, and what problems did you encounter with the software youv’e used before?


I cant encourage you enough with Software to look at and really think about what you want your company to look like 10 years from now.

Will you be working alone, with a couple of crews, or more than 10 crews? Will you have a management team? How many folks will be on it?

Obviously everything heading toward the cloud, is the software your looking at heading that way? Do you want to process your work orders in the field?

We are juts now moving from Service CEO to Smart Service. I couldnt be happier with what I am seeing so far… Check them out: Smart Service | QuickBooks Scheduling Software Dispatching Routing


Spot on Chris - most things will be cloud based or heading that way


WOW! $1600 software that! small companies can’t get that…


Why not? That’s like 4 or 5 jobs for us

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Is this what you use? If so, do you like it? If not, why not? How much do you pay for software?

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No, I don’t use it, because it doesn’t sync with quickbooks online. For all software I pay around $400/month (including responsibid)

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Awww man! Same here, even some times we do in 2-3 job that money, but so much expense… soo much… Its my 3th year in this business.

Anyway, I like your " If you don’t love our work, we’ll refund up to $1000." Really sounds good!


Larry 4800 a year for software and responsibid seems a little step…but thats coming form a guy that does store fronts!


Gotta spend money to make money!

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Totally agree that you must spend money to make money. the number just was a surprise to me.


Responsibid and CF alone probably runs about $250 a month. Then any other monthly subscriptions. I find myself trying to stay out of the monthly subscription fee trap, but it is definitely hurting my business with that mentality. I have got to start getting help in those areas to help free up time in other areas. I’ll just look at it as a car payment, but a car payment that will be making me money :slight_smile:

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My philosophy is that ill pay for anything that gives me more time to do something else.


I use Customer Factor. I think it has a great system for keeping in touch with my customers and has helped me keep track of the new calls that come in that don’t schedule on the first call or email. Before CF I was always hustling to fill the calender, NOW I find myself thinking that if I had more guys, I could fill the calendar and work these guys 8 (eight) days a week. What i’m saying is that now I think more about my employees and finding more of them, than I do my calendar & customers, because CF keeps customers organized.


We use roundtracker


Jobber has been hot lately


what makes you say this?