Best WFP for Employees?


What is the best WFP for employees? I realize that there is no such thing as “employee proof” equipment but it is an unfortunate reality that employees are usually not as nice to equipment as owners.

Luke and Reanna brought up an interesting criteria for a WFP in this video which prompted this line of questioning. I probably won’t be buying another WFP for an employee until next year but I am intrigued by this question.


You know what I would say after making them from 2007


Actually I don’t know what you would say. I am curious to learn if the other window cleaners can see a difference between owner operated equipment and employee proof equipment.


I think @Phileepoo wanted to say Gardiner Pole, for sure


Fortunately/Unfortunately (depending on a person’s perspective) I don’t have employees to relate to this discussion. BUT, if I did have employees, I would want them to me an extension (no pun intended), of myself. So the tools that I use should be the tools they use. Basically the idea is if I make $500/day, they’ll make me $500/day (less the mandatory expenses). With that said, they’ll need to prove to me they’re trustworthy to be a part of the team.


Anyone else a little shocked about that video?


Finding an employee who is as productive and cares as much as the owner is a best case scenario. That also applies to the way they use the owner’s equipment. Hence, the term “employee proof.”


no way. he is a huge RI fan.


A highly elusive best case scenario…


you’re not gonna tell their interesting point ? You’re gonna make me sit through 18 minutes for one point?..


1:50 - 3:00. They describe a Tucker pole as good for an employee instead of as being good for all around use.


I had always assumed that when I got a second WFP I would stick with the same manufacturer until I started this thread. This is because I wanted modularity of brushes, replacement parts, etc.

But now I am starting to see that there would be a lot of value in trying out another manufacturer’s pole and equipment so that I could get a first hand knowledge of what is out there. In which case I would let my employee use my older pole.

How many of you have poles from other manufacturers vs. sticking with just one manufacturer?


Yes, try as many as you can, your experience definitely can be different.

Use as many sources as possible to see what the actual users have found useful and if those match your style , try it.

I have had many brands and a favorite.

At low heights I find it doesn’t matter as much what pole is used, it can be heavier or have more flex and really isnt a big deal.


First pole was this weird Unger pole maybe 20’ looked just like a trad pole but was curved at the top. Then a Tucker 45’ aluminum complete with soap dispenser. Then an ABC copy of the Gardiner modular pole, stiffer than anything ever right up to 60’ but fragile as all get out. Then a Gardiner CLX which I thought was great until I got wind of all carbon fiber poles and picked up a RI - Pro which I picked up about 4-5 years ago. I like it despite constant clamp problems but now only use it on bigger stuff since at 7’ collapsed it really isn’t a good match for resi which is 95% of what I do. So now my main squeeze isince early last year is a 25’ Simpole, collapsed length of under 5’ and all Hi-Mod. Perfect for what I do and I can add a couple of sections from the RI-Pro when needed. I like it a lot and can just go over to Phil’s house and pick up parts. I still use my CLX, floppy as it is, as a trad pole.


Matt and I have done a lot of big jobs together and It broke my heart when he got a Reach It !
But we still are good friends and I have forgiven him for that mistake! We wash Emory Riddle together

Really a great guy and good window washer even before he got a SimPole!


No they break way to easy!

I did try to repair it too back in 2001


It’s funny how you stepped on A-pole that did not have innersections inside of it, that adds strength.

Then tested your pole with inner sections?

You come off as desperate and un umtrf untrusttable to me.


no I did step on one pole and ran a car over it. There on you tube
The second tube was 55 msi hi mod 1.3 wall thickness and was only one tube.
Sorry it was not a good clip. The pole that crack was one on Got from RHG in 2001
When the Gardiners were very thin, They are much better now.