Best way too remove painted stainglass effects


have these four windows that need the stain glass removed it was a diy kit. home is up for sale. housecleaning ppl couldn’t get up that high lol

im performing other services and she asked i remove and clean

figured too use razor and possibly googone

also what would you charge for inside and out. windows are close 9-10’ high. roof access is simple for exterior


Goo gone works good, could also use acetone to render the glue inert. Just be careful with your scraper, lots of water and have a trashed rag for wiping off your blade and soaking up glue residue.
As far as price goes, I would either tell them it’s per hour, or at least double, possibly triple, what you would normally charge, they may take a while to get cleaned.



$300 starting tomorrow


Try some off our water base solvents like solv wipes or oil flo.