Best way to get storefront jobs?


Hey all,

I’m in the beginning stages of my business, I’ve been working a bit over a month and have worked a number of residential jobs. I’m in Australia, seems like a similar market to the USA, and I’ve decided I want to try and get some storefront jobs for some steady recurring work/income.

I’m wondering what the best way to get a storefront job is. I’ve decided that walking in to each store and asking for the owner/manager and trying to sell to them seems like a good option for me. Should I put my business card under their door and perhaps try calling them on the phone first? What have you guys found works best for you, if you don’t mind sharing? :slight_smile:

Also as for finding shopping strips to target, is there a resource to help with this? I don’t go shopping so I can only think of a few places I could go. Might have to ask the girlfriend as a last resort :smile: she’ll know.

Thanks everybody!


Face to face. Ask to speak with owner/manager sell yourself and your service


A pointer on Restaurants : Do not cold call at peak times unless you never want the job.

A pointer on Chains Stores : Over the years they have trended toward restricting GM’s from making any decisions at the local level. More work to secure than it used to be to get the contract ( Hassle ).
And many retailers now use one company to do a region.

A pointer on " Mom and Pop Shops " : Extremely Loyal.


I have business cards with a blank quote area on the back. When I walk up, I figure out what I’d charge and write down the exterior number on the way in. Now stop and look around the inside. How fast can you do the windows that are readily accessible? How fast for obstructed ones? Could you do the obstructed ones at all? Add all this up for the interior but still only quote for the accessible ones. Add it to the original exterior price and write your total down. Ask for the manager and make them a friend. Explain how exterior is easier usually and then give them the options for the interior. Usually they agree to the readily accessible ones (or don’t).

Now you either have a new job or you have the whole “I have to check…” I have to check isn’t a no, it just means you asked the wrong person. I don’t spend long asking for contact info for the right person, I just try to figure out where or when they regularly appear and come back then.

Tip. Never judge a book by its cover. Even if that first contact is the busboy, be professional and talk to them. Only takes a second and greases the skids for follow up visits.