Best way to get storefront jobs?


Hey all,

I’m in the beginning stages of my business, I’ve been working a bit over a month and have worked a number of residential jobs. I’m in Australia, seems like a similar market to the USA, and I’ve decided I want to try and get some storefront jobs for some steady recurring work/income.

I’m wondering what the best way to get a storefront job is. I’ve decided that walking in to each store and asking for the owner/manager and trying to sell to them seems like a good option for me. Should I put my business card under their door and perhaps try calling them on the phone first? What have you guys found works best for you, if you don’t mind sharing? :slight_smile:

Also as for finding shopping strips to target, is there a resource to help with this? I don’t go shopping so I can only think of a few places I could go. Might have to ask the girlfriend as a last resort :smile: she’ll know.

Thanks everybody!


Face to face. Ask to speak with owner/manager sell yourself and your service


A pointer on Restaurants : Do not cold call at peak times unless you never want the job.

A pointer on Chains Stores : Over the years they have trended toward restricting GM’s from making any decisions at the local level. More work to secure than it used to be to get the contract ( Hassle ).
And many retailers now use one company to do a region.

A pointer on " Mom and Pop Shops " : Extremely Loyal.