Best way to clean these windows?


What is the easiest way to clean the wall of windows to the right and the windows on the high up area to the left? When I say easiest way, I mean easiest way to reach them? TIA



nice sloping flat roof too work on for the left side.


would a hospital like that have a water source outside? I don’t have a water tank


Seriously? Go look.


Yes I could just go look but I have not gone look yet. I am going there soon but want to have an idea of how to get the job done before I meet with them. I just thought maybe someone on here would know if a commercial building like this typically would have an outside water source.


Then that’s what you should do.

And, yes, normally commercial buildings have exterior water spigots.


lol thanks Steve, you The Man


what about the inside? I’m assuming just a ladder and pole?


It might be over your skill level?