Best Non-Window-Related Use of a WC'ing Tool


I used my Unger 4-8’ extension pole and Triumph scraper (MK2, straight, stainless steel blade) to help (flat-blade shovel required for final decap) kill a 5-foot rattlesnake yesterday under the porch at a buddy’s house. No pix of the deceased out of respect to the family.

Any other experiences using a WC’ing tool for a non-window-related activity?


Oh well…better it dies that bites someone.Those Vipers are mean son-of-a-guns!

I was doing a gig here in Canyon Lake (windows along the side of the house)near a field low & behold got the “Ol warning shake/rattle” Who said White Men can’t jump:D


Did it slice like a butter knife through Butter Larry???


We do a gig here in town and the property is crawling with those buggars. Nasty guys for sure.


On a more fun than practical use, I took my kid’s little “parachute man” up to the peak of my roof and fully extended my 27’ pole and let it fall. They thought it was cool at the time.


I was working near downtown Orlando one day when I had a crackhead start giving me a hard time…he got too close and I cut him from just above his ear to his chin with my 8" brass channel…


??? what ??? i love WI more and more…no rattle snakes for hours from here, and our crack heads are scared off by loud clapping…crackheads are more scared of you than you are of them you know…


I use the pole or long squeegee to push security buttons to access buildings quite a lot. I’ve also used my kit to wash my own windows…once.


Does my husband count as a window cleaning TOOL?


I hope it’s more frequent than quarterly service!


Is it a multi-tool? Can it do other stuff?


Larry, you make me laugh!!!


yes Karlos, it is a multi tool that can do other stuff, thats why I asked!


Years ago, I had a 1987 Mazda 626 sedan. The personalized license plates were “SINNER G”. I’ve got them around here someplace…


Again Larry, you make me laugh!!! By the way…love the Dancing Bear, it’s giving me flashbacks!!


It’s true about both the car and plates.

Gonna see RatDog in a couple weeks; DSO again in October.


we’re obviously both in different places in our lives. You get to go see Rat Dog, probably at night with other adults and I get to go see the Wiggles with 3 small children after Nap time!!! I can’t wait to be where you are!!! Although by the time that happens Bob Weir will probably be in a Wheelchair and I’ll have to rely on your bootlegs to enjoy the music!! OY!!!So much to look forward to. Hey Larry, can you make me laugh again, Im starting to get depressed!


Use it for as long as you can, then if it starts playing up - you can stick it on ebay. Don’t bother putting a reserve on the price if you you wanna get rid quick. Perhaps Chris or Alex could sell it for you without going in for too much bother. Good luck whatever you decide.


I am pretty much done with it. I think I’ll put in the back of the closet and take it out only on special occasions, you know like when I need money and stuff.


Piling up the junk like that just clutters ya life. Get it recycled & try out a new multi-tool: theres plenty out there. If its a sharp tool, make sure you wrap it some kind of plastic before disposing - safety first! Keep the manufacturers warranty, you may be able to get a refund.