Best Car Wash Rinse Attachment...track cleaner possibly?


Saw the attachment on another site for 31 bucks and whipped together my own with parts I had. Makes for a great spot free rinse if you like washing your own vehicle.

Maybe a good track cleaner? Haven’t tried personally, I tend to just try to avoid doing the tracks and tell people to never open their windows and to enjoy their air conditioner instead. I hate cleaning tracks.(upload://qUvHf7Xu7zzdzTLvDKRVhQNqqM.jpg)


Perfect little tool for pure rinse. I used a garden hose sprayer with 5 tips and it worked great.


Lol do you really tell people not to open their windows?


Not directly, I’ll say something like “your view will look so much better with the screens off” and then we’ll leave the screens off and not have to clean those too. Honestly, it rarely works and I end up cleaning everything.


Besides Tracks and Screens is there anything else that you try to get out of doing for the customer ?
I get $4.00 per screen cleaning. Its the most obvious add-on ( if you could even call it that ) for our industry. You are trying to persuade your customers to not spend money on your services?

I am just very curious why you are trying to get out of doing them. Can you explain your rationale ?


I’m sorry, it was mostly just a joke. I think I was drinking bourbon when I posted that. I have a helper now doing the tracks and screens for me. I even bought a screen cleaner this year, customers love seeing that thing. I’ll try and keep the boozing and posting separate.


This does the same thing $2 Ebay


Dang however I like my contraption because I’m stubborn. I do think the fan tip I put on gives a wider coverage than what I just watched in the video. nice find for a cheap alternative