Been eyeballing this commercial account


So I still have a fulltime job until I can get the window cleaning going full steam. There’s this commercial account I do cleaning for inside one of the offices and needles to say I gringe every time I walk past their windows. Anyways, its a big building and I don’t have any big ladders or wfp or a lift so just seeing someone else’s take on hiw to tackle this. You can’t get a lift on the other side because of the tree’s and soft ground. So just wishful thinking.


If you could get this job this is a ideal job for a wfp, my opinion is tinted windows are the best for wfp because even if you leave slight spotting it’s not noticeable like it would be on a Clear Vision window. This will help with the learning curve.

A basic system and pole to reach these Heights could easily be done for around $1,000 price of a building that size without seeing the back probably be $ 1500- 2000 outside.

If you’re in the situation to be able to purchase a system I’d pursue getting the job


Thanks for the help! I was going to get a WFP anyways and this like a good excuse for it. Here’s the rest of the pictures for you. In the corners they have balconies to work off of. So hopefully that would help speed things along


Yep. Perfect wfp job. Hopefully it’s hydrophilic glass


be sure to check for working water source and trees not obstructing.

We have two large buildings that don’t have a water source at all for the building which is rare but a step to check.


Do you have to bring in your own water then? I have seen some make shift back pack systems. Would a water storage tank work by gravity feeding the system? I have seen @Luke put a pump on his to boost the low pressure


Make sure your truck/van can safely carry the weight of the water and equipment. Water weight adds up quick brother.


Oh, forgot this knowledge nugget. You can make up a DI system in like 3 hours with minimal investment. Land the job then upgrade.


Water does add up quick. But those windows along the front walkway face south and are hit by the sun all day long and look like they would soak up everything rather quickly. On top of sitting dirty for however long that is. That’s if there’s no water supply. And I need a lot of things, including a di system


Then do those windows before the sun bakes them. I start certain jobs at 3 am so all the windows are spotless and dry before the sun can cause problems.


I wouldn’t do those in the middle of the day anyways, I would hit them early enough. How can you see at 3am? Wouldn’t that be too dark or is there a trick to it?


A booster pump is nice to have. We made ours for situations were there may be low pressure and if we are cleaning very high up. To be honest there have only been a hand full of jobs or less where we thought we would need it. If you go straight di it usually takes care of the pressure issue in these situations.


Thanks for the help! With the above pictures you think a good di system would pull me through?


test tds and verify water source


Will do. Has to be tomorrow as I work fulltime at night and window clean part time in day


LED flood lights and headlamps.


That would be nice. But I would just wait for the weekend and get in there when the sun is coming up to see anything