Ballpark bid


just from what you can see in these two pictures what would be your ballpark for exterior only.


What price have you come to so far? Do you know how many days it would take to do this job?


I honestly think I could do it in a day by myself! That said let’s say I did lift rental plus $800 for a good income. This is clearly not an $800 job even if I can do it in a day. This is the problem I have with bidding large commercial! There is jobs out there that if I quoted by time my price would be so low I would probably scare them because the actual job it comes out to be like three times my hourly rate.


How many panes?


I don’t count panes on large commercial. I just don’t see how anyone can go okay there’s a 125 three-story panes. Some of them can be done with a water fed Pole. Some of them will need cleaned out of a boom lift because of the deep ledge so I will charge X per pane. I don’t see how a person could assign a dollar per pane on large commercial to yield a specific hourly rate.


“Experience” would be your answer


I got the job and they said “I was the most professional” and they have no desire to price shop me and I was not the cheapest or the most expensive


I’ve had the opposite experience.The break down on pricing is crucial for most upper clients. Right on man that is an awesome job congratulations.


I could certainly see that! In my experience landing large commercial has been all about personal connection with the contact person and communication not price.


Thats great news congrats!