Backpack V3 pure water


Has anyone used this before? I’m wanting to have a small water tank for water fed pole work for where there’s no water hook up.


looks cool. if flow is cranked up you’d go through that tank pretty fast.


I want one but a different colour. It looks like a kids toy lol


I think it’s be very practical for my monthly and quarterly single level homes.


With 5 gsllons it wouldn’t get too many windows but could be filled again.

Does require pre filtered water to be added.

Some have said backpacks are not practical and too heavy really as a backpack, seems they dont wear it.


Hudson battery powered back pack sprayer are nice adjustable flow etc. Cost is nominal. I believe they go for 130 approximately @Beautiful_View did a series of video how to set them up.


I like those colors, but you are right, it does look like a toy. White would have a cleaner look.

This is definitely not for me with my bad back (and yours too after using this awhile). The water sloshing around is going to be a constant strain on your spine, not to mention the added fatigue of carrying the weight around. I can imagine this being on a dolly though, and carting it around, instead of carrying all that weight. That pump is weak too, so note that it is in liters per minute not gallons, and 0.35 liters is not much but it is maxing out over half gallon per minute.


I use all the time. It is brilliant. I bought a luggage trolley to cart it around but use the grab handle instead now. Fill to 3/4 full and it is not too heavy to carry in the hand. I would never strap to my back though. I cleaned 400 windows at a school on one battery charge and all the next day too without recharging. Just top up from 5 gallon cans with 0 TDS water. Easy as can be, even from a light car.


Why does everyone think Becuse it says back pack you jace to wear it on your back ? As long as they have a handle they can be carried easy 35-40lbs not bad ,but in the back would be plain nuts even half filled.
My friend has 2 of these Gardiner back packs he loves them. The color is cool :sunglasses: @GlassMD
I use to use mine in a trolly. When I had the Hudson I would just carry …they had a handle.


People think it’s a backpack to wear on your back because that’s how its stated, sold, advertised and comes with shoulder straps for that purpose.


Don’t get me wrong, I want one. I would just choose a different colour if that was possible. It’s mostly from the side it looks like a toy lol. But I’m sure in person it is very nice!


Lol … thank you for explaining :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
I’m gkad I didn’t follow instructions!!
Can’t imagine my time that I did use a back pack that I used it the way it was intended .:roll_eyes: :shushing_face:


The Gardiner is worth 200 if your looking for a back pack. No doudt !!! Just don’t put the freaking thing on your back ! :wink:


Haha deal.


definitely would go on a magna cart and not on my back